Dubai is undoubtedly a great city to spend your vacation in and while it is and it’s not only the best for single or family trips. It’s also the best choice we have for honeymoon because there are a lot of good things to do here as a couple. The malls, hotels, and beaches complement each other to give the ideal experience for the people who are seeking for short-term enjoyment.

For couples looking for a place where they can spend their honeymoon, you might want to consider Dubai as it does not disappoint in terms of its hospitality industry and facilities. In fact, hotels and accommodations here are of a different level compared to its counterparts in other regions.

For those travelling to Dubai, it is best that you come to this city especially during winter season when the weather is just very welcoming outdoors. November to April months are a good months to visit. Dubai is a safe place for tourists as crime rate is relatively low. It surely exceeds expectations in terms of providing a relaxing and luxurious escape because the people in the service industry here tend to take their work quite seriously.

romantic things to do in dubai for couples
Things to do in Dubai for couples.

Couples on a Honeymoon – Best Romantic Spots and Activities in Dubai

If you’re looking for some romantic things to do in Dubai, you’re in luck! There are plenty of options, whether you want to stay indoors or outdoors. One great idea is to take a romantic cruise on the Dubai Creek. You can also go for a romantic walk on the Jumeirah Beach Walk or enjoy a lovely picnic in the park.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, why not go skiing or snowboarding at the Ski Dubai resort? Or if you’re feeling brave, why not try skydiving? Whatever you choose to do, Dubai is sure to impress your loved one.

If you’re a newly wed and you’re here for your after-marriage event, there are plenty of romantic things to here and it’s not only limited to holdings hands while walking down the streets of Jumeirah Corniche or Burj Park.

Here we share with you the top 13 romantic activities you can enjoy in the desert sands of Dubai.

1. Check-in in a Five Star Desert Hotel/Resort

Dubai has plenty of hotels and resorts where you can feel relax and pampered. One way you can enjoy your honeymoon in Dubai is by checking in in one of the great resorts. One good option is Bab Al Shams Resort. This resort is a luxury place with a traditional fort design. It’s just a 45-minute drive from the heart of Dubai. You can also include Al Maha Desert Resort on your list of choices.

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2. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Fly on a hot air balloon over the Arabian desert and watch the sunrise from the skies. There is no perfect way to spend the day with your spouse than with a romantic date in the endless ocean of sand, oases, and camels. Enjoy the hot air balloon ride as you won’t be able to do it in other cities or countries.

3. Five-Star Spa Experience

A perfect honeymoon comes with five-star spa experience. One romantic things you can do in Dubai is to book a couple’s massage in luxury hotels. Why in luxury hotels? It’s because the spas in give-star hotels are of a different level. Try booking a spa date at the Raffles Spa and Club Olympus Spa.

4. Watch the Dubai Water Fountain Show

Have you watched the colorful dancing fountain in Dubai yet? If not, now’s the time for you to see the Dubai Water Fountain Show. It’s really a romantic activity to see the show with your special someone because it’s not just a simple fountain event. It’s one of the bests of Dubai and watching it with your loved one is very intimate. Spice it up by trying some of the great restaurants near the fountain after seeing the show.

5. Dinner at Burj Al Arab

Another romantic activity to do during your honeymoon is to have your dinner at Burj Al Arab. This is a restaurant in Burj Al Arab where there you can dine ‘underwater’ with their floor-to-ceiling aquarium. You can only experience that here in Dubai so don’t miss it out.

6. Desert Safari

Enjoy the blessing of the sand in Dubai and head straight to a Desert Safari where you can go dune bashing, ride a camel or hire a quad bike. You can also enjoy dinner in the desert as you watch the sunset. What a romantic way to start your married life. While you are in the Middle East region, do as much activities you can do.

7. Charter a Private Yacht

Yes, it’s possible to hire a private yacht in Dubai and go on a cruise. Some of the good rental companies include Cozmo Yachts, Xclsuive Yachts Rental Dubai, Dubai Marina Luxury Yacht, and Luxury Sea Boats Charter LLC. Enjoy the views of the sea while you plan your married life ahead.

8. Explore the Gold Souk

The Middle East is known for having the best gold in the world. You can add shopping gold at the famous Gold Souk in Deira on your honeymoon list. Buy gifts for yourselves and for your family. Gold and other accessories made in Dubai are perfect as souvenirs.

9. Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo has different species of aquatic animals to watch. From the aquarium tunnel, you will have a good view of the animals enjoying their synthetic home. You can do shark feeding, shark dives, cage snorkeling, scuba diving, and many more.

10. Shopping at The Dubai Mall

Shopping has never been this exciting when you go to the The Dubai Mall. Considered as one of the biggest malls in the city, you can do a lot of things in the area. You can shop, you can dine, you can window shop, or you can just tour around. Different famous brands exist in the mall. You can shop from those brands all day. Just remember to try out some restaurants after you shop.

11. Helicopter or Seaplane Tour of Dubai – Aerial view

Aside from sand and underwater view, you can also enjoy aerial view in Dubai through a helicopter ride or seaplane tour. Take your adventure to the next level because you can’t get enough of Dubai without trying this activity as you view the city from the sky. Do it with your special someone and you will probably enjoy the experience.

12. Indoor Snow at Ski Dubai

Don’t hate Dubai because of its super hot weather in the summer. If ever you scheduled your honeymoon during summer, you can do skiing with the indoor snow at Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates. The place is exactly the same as snowing mountains and what’s good about it is that it is located within the city and very accessible by public transport.

13. Enjoy Dinner in a Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina

There is no romantic way to end your honeymoon than to have your dinner in a Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek or the Dubai Marina. Enjoy the night life in Dubai as you savor the flavors of the dishes they offer. You can choose to take the Marina Creek to get a good view of the spectacular city skyscrapers.


Dubai is a great place for couples because there are so many things to do. You can go shopping, visit the beach, or go on a safari. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a romantic evening.

Dubai is such an amazing city of different and unique landscapes. The desert sand and beautiful beaches as well as luxury hotels and resorts make up this wonderful destination. Whatever your preferred honeymoon activity, you will surely have a grand time, Dubai-style.