42 Photos of Amazing Dubai from the Sky

I joined a group of Dubai bloggers for a tour on a seaplane that flew around the emirate. I was very excited to take part in this event because of the many sights one can see from a unique perspective. I’ve already shared this experience from a previous blog, this post is simply a compilation of aerial photos I’ve taken of the city.

I love pictures and if you check out the rest of my blog entries, I tend to share plenty of them whenever I go to different places. Surely, getting an aerial view of the city is something I’ve wanted to experience for quite some time.

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Aerial Photography in Dubai: Shot from a Seawings Plane

As a photo hobbyist, I didn’t expect that taking pictures from a moving plane would be much of a challenge. One of the reasons is that I would switch between my 18-55mm and 50-230mm Fujifilm lenses whenever I wanted to get a closer shot of certain areas of the city or whenever I would need a wider shot.

One tip I’d like to share is that if you can use one lens instead of interchanging two lenses, it would be better. Just because it consumes time. I know in other brands, there’s an 18-200mm or an 18-105mm lens which can capture a wider area and can also zoom in for close-up shots.

In my case, I had to change between two lenses to get the zoomed-in views of the city. But even so, I couldn’t take pictures of everything because there’s just so many scenes to capture. No wonder we were told that professional videographers/photographers book countless times.

This discovery airplane tour of Dubai is a great adventure especially to thrill-seekers and those who want to see the city from above. Also, let me just say that to photographers in the UAE who are able to capture amazing photos from the sky, I salute your patience!

Camera Used: Fujifilm X-E1
Lenses Used: Fujinon XF18-55mm f2.8-4 and Fujinon XC 50-230mm f4.5-6.7
Post-processing: Adobe Lightroom CC
Editing Skills: Noob

seawings dubai plane tour

We took off from Jebel Ali Golf Resort

mydubai aerial photography

First look at the tall skyscrapers in Dubai Marina area


closer look – that’s the twisted Cayan Tower!

dubai skyrise towers

residences and office spaces

dubai community residential aerial view

not sure which community this is

dubai aerial view communities

closer view

palm jumeirah aerial photo

Palm Jumeirah islands

dubai top view

Palm Jumeirah shot from the sky

dubai palm jumeirah closeup

closer look – apartments here cost a lot 😉

atlantis the palm aerial shot

Atlantis, The Palm Resort

atlantis the palm resort

Visited this resort one time, which reminds me I haven’t blogged about it yet.

the palm jumeirah aerial shot

Before coming to Dubai, I only knew about this artificial island from Forwarded Email messages

dubai burj al arab view

Burj Al Arab! – took photos of this luxury hotel before

burj al arab aerial view

closer view

dubai burj al arab view

one side

burj al arab seawings tour

Burj Al Arab hotel


Burj Khalifa, and the towers around it

dubai skyline

the tallest building in the world.

the world islands dubai

The World Islands

lebanon island world islands

The occupied one is Lebanon island. The 1st development that opened its doors to the public. We were informed there’s currently 2 islands that are operating as of the moment.

dubai jumeirah beach hotel view from top

Jumeirah Beach Hotel – I was able to visit this hotel during a conference

jumeirah beach hotel top photo

zoomed view

dubai financial center aerial view

the moody sky – towers along Sheikh Zayed Road

dubai skyline hazy photo

moody skyline

spirit of dubai photo

Spirit of Dubai – check out this clip from Dubai Tourism

aerial photos of dubai

not sure which area this was

dubai aerial photo


ikea festival city skyline

IKEA! in Festival City – I miss breakfast there.

deira creek aerial photo

Boats in Deira Creek. Glad that the plane also passed by Old Dubai – though I don’t have many shots.

boats in deira aerial photo

Closer shot at the boats in Deira – boats used for shipping merchandise for trade

dubai highway aerial shot

just one of the many highways

dubai highway aerial photography

I believe this is in Oud Metha area?


The Dubai Frame Project – soon to open

the dubai frame aerial view

The Frame in Zabeel Park

dubai rta metro top view

I love how the Dubai metro has this futuristic design that people won’t have a hard time looking where the metro is because the structure itself is unique and modern. Looks like a scorpion or a spaceship, eh?

dubai road aerial photo


dubai tower city skyline travel blog

Towers along SZR


zoomed photo of the towers in the Dubai Financial Center / Sheikh Zayed Road area

dubai marina district aerial photo

See how distinct the metro stations are? 🙂

dubai aerial shot

Dubai marina high-rise buildings

dubai high rise towers vs communities

Towering heights on the left, residential communities on the right. Still plenty of space in the desert for more developments.

skyline dubai marina

last shot.

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The Dubai skyline is ever changing with so many developments going on. Even if you you’ve already tried this seaplane tour, the next time you do it again, you will most likely have a different view.

This seaplane tour of Dubai was an awesome experience! I’ve tried capturing photos from apartment rooftops (check here and here) and I’ve always wondered when I’d be able to try those aerial adventures so I can get some shots of the city from the skies. Now I was able to do it during this tour. For this, I am very thankful!

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    Great work.

  2. Hi Ed, I think the photo you are not sure about is the Al Maktoum Road heading towards the famous Clock Tower. Lovely photos and love your blog.

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