Dhow Cruise Dinner Experience in Dubai Marina

We were invited to experience a dhow cruise dinner at Dubai Marina on a Friday night. I’ve never ridden a dhow (traditional Arabian wooden boat) in my 4 years stay in Dubai so this was something I looked forward to try.

As this is my first time to ride this floating restaurant, I didn’t know much what to expect. Dhows were the main modes of sea transport back in the old days. There are still dhows that are used for transportation of goods and you can normally see them in the Dubai Creek. Additionaly, this is offered as a tourist activity in the UAE.

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huge boat


Al Wasl Dhow

Al Wasl Dhow Floating Restaurant

My wife mentioned that this experience in Dubai Marina is much better compared to the one in the Creek. You get to see the view outside the water district with the tall skyscrapers lighting the night.

There are other dhow cruise operators in the area. Ours was by Al Wasl Dhow and what sets them apart from the rest is that they are the biggest and they offer a Five Star fine dining service.

The schedule of the tour was 8:30pm and we were brought to the docking area of the boat early on. You should be mindful of the time to avoid any delays. The boat will not wait for you if you miss it!


welcome drink

Upper and Lower Deck

The dhow has two decks (upper and lower) and we opted to have dinner below because it’s air conditioned. Dubai is still transitioning to winter season and it was still a little humid outside. Despite this, some customers preferred to dine at the upper deck. For us dining below, we can easily go up or down at our own convenience.


air conditioned lower deck


al fresco upper deck

Dinner Buffet

When it was time for the buffet, we all had a feast. There were plenty of food options and what stood out the most to me were the mixed grill, breaded fish, lasagna, and buttered chicken. There were also a handful of desserts to choose from.


fish, mix grill, lemon, spaghetti, paratha, etc.

dessert-at-dhow-cruise-marinavarious desserts, tarts, cakes, fruits


it was a full night

View of Dubai Marina at Night

The dhow cruise in Dubai features a wholesome entertainment great for family and friends as you enjoy the view of the tall buildings in the marina.

After dinner, we climbed the stairs to the upper deck and stared at the lighted structures at night. These towers never fail to amaze especially when we keep in mind how much of a desert the UAE was.


night lights in the water district of Dubai


tanoura dancer ready to perform

Tanoura Dance

For the last part of the tour, a tanoura dance performer arrived from a speedboat and he entertained the audience as he continuously spun. He performed twice (for both decks) and elicited the same delighted reaction. His performance was definitely the highlight of the dinner cruise.


kids and adults entertained by the Tanoura dance


then the lights were shut


Al Wasl Dhow

In case you’re planning to experience the dinner cruise in Dubai, why not check out this one in Dubai Marina by Al Wasl Dhow? This is especially great come winter season when the weather is cooler!

Video of the Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

Here’s a short video of what you can expect when you try the Dubai Marina dhow cruise. Check it out!

Al Wasl Dhow Contact Information

Website: alwasldhow.com
Facebook: facebook.com/alwasldhowdubai
Address: Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 2959477

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