Burj Khalifa Skyline from My Apartment Rooftop

Just thought of sharing a few photos when I chanced upon the rooftop of the apartment building where I’m currently staying. I was heading to get some air when I saw the view of the Burj Khalifa and some neighboring buildings from afar. The weather was clear and the lights were nice.

I went back to my room so I could get my camera and try taking some night shots with a zoom lens. It’s already Winter Season in Dubai and the UAE was celebrating its 43rd National Holiday the next day.

skyline dubai blurry

night lights

I only took a few photos because when I was getting the hang of positioning my camera, I suddenly felt water droplets from the sky. I thought it was just the pool in the rooftop but then the droplets became more and more. It was already pouring! I hurriedly put my camera in my bag and covered the lenses, headed straight to the elevator to get back to my room.

dubai skyline uae blurry

adjusting the focus


Rain in Dubai happens rarely. Probably the same rareness as my photography. Just the time when I had to take my camera out, the water also came down. I’m happy still that I managed to get a few shots. I’ll be back some other time.

view of dubai skyline

view of Burj Khalifa skyline


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