The Dubai Frame Project is Shaping Up

UPDATE: The Dubai Frame was officially opened in January 1, 2018. A few days after it opened, my wife and I visited the new tourist attraction. Check out our Dubai Frame Experience here – Dubai Frame: Our Visit to the World’s Largest Picture Frame

The Dubai Frame is starting to shape up and is looking like an actual frame. It was just made up of two structures every time I pass by Sheikh Rashid road to and from work. Now, I see they’re building the top portion. This gives passers-by a clearer view of how it’s going to look like and is also something to look forward to in the coming months.

The Frame, according to a friend, is a one of the many structures which is aimed to have a view of New Dubai on one side and Old Dubai on the other. I’m not really sure how it’s going to operate, like if there are elevators where people can go up to an observation deck, but this project seems interesting enough, at least in my situation.

the frame dubai

 captured from a moving taxicab

When it is going to be finished,  it is supposed to look like this… Photo credit: Emirates 24/7

the dubai frame

I love taking pictures of the Dubai skyline from rooftops and this structure sounds like a good place to get those pictures. But I’ll wait until it’s officially open and see what other people think about it. This is another attraction to anticipate. I can’t wait as it’s just near our place!

UPDATE: I was able to participate in a Blogger tour on a seaplane. Here’s a snapshot of the Dubai Frame. I edited the photo into black and white as it was a bit dark and hazy during when I shot the photo. But this should give you a sneak peek of the view when this new project will finally finish and open its doors to the public. Like this photo? Please Follow me on Instagram here — @DubaiTravelBlog

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