17 Photos: Exploring Ningxia Zhenbeibao West Movie City

One of the tourist attractions in Ningxia that we visited during the last day of our trip was the Ningxia Zhenbeibao West Movie City, which is a famous spot for Chinese movies to be shoot on location. Over 100+ films have been shot here since its set-up in 1993.

The West Studio of Zhenbei Forts is a top spot for tourists and is a 35km away from the main city of Yinchuan. The place offers a brief scenario of classic Chinese villages and with professional crews on site, you might easily get tempted to try your acting skills and see if you have the chops to become a movie star. ;p

zhenbeibao west movie city photothe cast and crew. hehe

zhenbeibao west movie city yinchuan ningxia

inside the movie set

china movie city ningxia

famous spot for Chinese movies

china movie city yinchuan


Chinese Movie Set at West Studio of Zhenbeibao, Yinchuan

The studio is classic, unsophisticated, original and rural in style. Some of the movies that have been filmed here include

  • Ashes of Time
  • The Book and the Sword
  • Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora’s Box
  • Red Sorghum, etc.

While I may have not seen any of the above-mentioned flicks, it’s nice to explore the area and have a look at an actual movie set-up.

west movie china yinchuan

traditional Chinese village

china movie set yinchuan

Zhen bei bao West Movie studio

zhenbeibao west movie city ningxia

movie setting

yinchuan zhen bei bao west movie set


This Chinese West Movie Studio is an interesting spot to visit as you can spend probably a whole day if you really want to explore the area. The great thing is that you can try to use the props available.

Be advised though that you should try to wear comfortable shoes as there’s a lot of waking involved. There’s 3 villages for you to explore and you can check out different souvenirs from the vendors selling them.

west movie yinchuan ningxia


yinchuan west movie city

touring the movie studio

west movie city set china

this tourist spot is a large movie set!

ningxia movie set attraction

Chinese village

chinese movie set yinchuan ningxia


zhen bei bao movie set china

professional actors may also be on site

zhenbeibao movie studio ningxia

Zhenbeibao movie studio in Yinchuan, Ningxia

ningxia west movie set

traditional souvenirs
photo by Hallie of LiveandColor.com

west movie ningxia

photo by Hallie of LiveandColor.com

Our Discover Ningxia tour was organized by the China Tourism Board and Asia Travel Promotion Limited.

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