16 Photos: Grandly Epic War Horses of China Show

One of the main attractions we witnessed in the Shin Dong Guo Remains in Yinchuan, Ningxia is an amazing display of acrobatics, strength and stunts with horses. The Grandly Epic War Horses of China Show is something worth watching when you visit this area.

Men and women, even young boys and girls, ride horses and perform tricks much to the delight of the audience. They wear traditional costumes and tell a story which showcases the exchange of Chinese and western culture many many years ago.

Grandly Epic War Horses of China Original Live Show at the Shin Gong Duo Remains, Yinchuan

The Shui Dong Gou Remains is just 11KM away from Yinchuan China and this war horse show is one of the best Live Performances I have seen so far. These horses are well-trained that they’re part of the acting as they would fall and play dead in the middle of the scenes.

If you like to take pictures and have some interchangeable lenses, I suggest you bring a zoom lens to take a closer shot of the performers.

shuidongguo site yinchuan

exchange of Chinese and western culture

shui dong guo remains yinchuan

human strength

acrobats stuntment war horse show ningxia

the performers bringing their A game

grand epic war horse show

traditional costumes

grandly epic war original horse show

Grandly Epic War Horses of China

grand horse show ningxia china

soldiers on horses

grand epic horse stunt show

in action

grandly epic war horse show ningxia


china grand epic war horse show

the performers putting on a show

war horse show ningxia china

even young girls and boys area so good riding these horses

horse stunts china

horse battle

grand show horses ningxia china

fight scenes

horse stunts china

man and his sword

grandly epic war horse original show china

epic battle with horses!

grand war horse show

picking up a scarf perhaps?

grand epic war horses show


Let me just say, that the show reminds me of fight scenes from the Game of Thrones series. Remember that they’re riding horses so the action is pretty fast-paced which adds to its wonder. It’s definitely a spectacle to behold and I’m really glad to have witnessed it first-hand.

Our Discover Ningxia tour was organized by the China Tourism Board and Asia Travel Promotion Limited.

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