15 Photos: Sights at the Muslim Village in Wuzhong, Ningxia

One of the highlights during the 4th day of our Ningxia trip was visiting the Wuzhong Muslim Village as we got a glimpse of how Chinese Hui people go about their everyday lives.

We arrived and explored the small village with our cameras. We visited the mosque where the Chinese locals pray. We also witnessed traditional Hui-style cooking.

muslim village wuzhong ningxia

Mu Min Village – Muslim village tour

muslim village ningxia

a giant teacup?


Photowalk: Mu Min Village in Ningxia

If you plan to visit Ningxia, the Muslim village is a good place to learn more about Hui ethnic culture. As you stroll along the small village, you we feel the quiet and relaxed Hui ethnic atmosphere.

This cultural heritage site offers the traveller some insights into the lifestyle, including including agricultural system, architectural style and traditional customs of Hui people.

Here are the rest of the photos during our visit to the Muslim village.

muslim village wuzhong ningxia


ningxia tourism china

simple life

muslim village tour ningxia

local insight

muslim culture tour halal tourism


ningxia muslim village tour

inside the village mosque

muslim village wuzhong

praying inside the mosque

discover ningxia chinese people


mu min village wuzhong ningxia china

pictured above is the village chief

discovering ningxia muslim village

picking from the tree

wuzhong muslim village

making Hui-style snack

Chinese Hui style cooking

traditional Hui-style snack preparation

ningxia bloggers group tour

Ningxia bloggers and influencers tour group
photo by Hallie of LiveandColor.com

This part of our journey was an insightful one especially with getting to understand better how the locals live. It’s a far sight from the busy city of Dubai, and a welcome break to learn about Islam and Chinese Hui culture and religion.

Our Discover Ningxia tour was organized by the China Tourism Board and Asia Travel Promotion Limited.

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