Al Seef Dubai: A Charming Destination on the Creekside

Apart from La Mer Dubai, one of the new and exciting places that property developer, Meraas, has built is Al Seef Dubai. This is a dining, shopping and leisure destination that is located near the Creekside area (Al Fahidi neighborhood).

We were able to drop by this area one evening after a dining in one of the restaurants there. As we strolled along the area, we were fascinated by its charm. I thought to myself that if this is surely one of the places I can take family and friends if ever they come and visit Dubai. It’s very different from the typical modern attractions of the emirate as Al Seef highlights the culture and heritage of the emirate.

al seef dubai photo

Al Seef Dubai

al seef meraas dubai

night stroll in Al Seef

Al Seef Dubai: Where the Old Meets the New

Where the Old Meets the New — this is the tagline of Al Seef Dubai as it covers a span of about 1.8 km spread into different phases. There’s an area where it’s modern, and there’s an area where you can see windtowers and stones which reflects back to the history of the UAE. It’s really blended well that it’s perfect for a relaxing stroll especially at night.

Photos here only include the ‘old’ part of Al Seef. We would like to go back again and dine there.

al seef dubai night

traditional building houses different shops and restaurants

alseef dubai night


It was a bit busy during our visit as it was a Friday and families headed out to enjoy and make the most of the cold winter season. It was nice to see children playing and families bonding. What’s great is that this is easily accessible via metro station (Burjuman) and it doesn’t cost you if you just want to take a leisurely walk.

al seef dubai picture

shops and cafes

al seef at night

Al Seef has retained the charm of Old Dubai

The creekside area is rich in history and culture as this is where pearl-divers, fishermen, and tradesmen started. Here you can find the Spice Souk, Al Bastakiya, Gold Souk, etc.

While Dubai will always come up with new and modern destinations, I’m really happy that they developed this new place while keeping its charm and history.

al seef night time

families enjoying the night at the Dubai Creek – Al Seef side

Video: Al Seef Dubai

Here’s a quick preview of Al Seef Dubai based on our visit there:

Contact Information

Address: Al Seef Village, Dubai Creek, UAE
Phone: +971 800 637227

How to Get There

Al Seef is located near Al Fahidi Fort and the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood along Dubai Creek. Nearest metro station is Burjuman Metro station (green and red line intersection)

Google Map Location

If you are going by car, you can check out the map guide below:

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  1. Thank you so much for these informative, thorough articles! I will be visiting Dubai for the first time in November and I want to explore both sides of the city – the grandeur and humble beginnings

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