Petra by Night Tour Experience in Jordan

If you’re traveling to Jordan, you must not miss out on visiting the ancient city of Petra. It’s a World Heritage Site known for its color dense, rock-cut architecture gaining the name rose-red city. One of the experiences you should also try doing is to attend the Petra by Night tour. This is a beautiful activity that you will definitely appreciate as you explore the Siq and walk towards the Treasury on candle-lit pathways.

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petra by night tour jordan

entering the Siq that leads to The Treasury

petra jordan at night starslighted candles are the only source of light in this natural maze

Trip Review: Petra by Night Tour in Jordan

It’s recommended that you go during daytime so you can fully appreciate the structure and the composition of the rocks that made this city spectacular. But another exciting time to visit The Treasury is at night when you can see the night stars.

Since this area is without any electrical light source, they only use lighted candles that provide a faint glow as you walk along the lighted path to the main attraction. The Petra by Night is surely a one-of-a-kind experience you should do when you have the time.

Petra adventure at night trip

the Siq in Jordan


Jordan Petra by Night tour – photography enthusiasts, you should learn to use your camera!

Before actually seeing The Treasury, you will have to pass by a narrow entrance made by tall natural rock walls known as Siq. It is indeed a magical moment as you walk along a path with lit candles and more natural light shining from the moon and the stars above you.

siq petra at night

bring a flashlight, photos of the place are bright but the actual place is actually dark

The treasury petra night time

peek at the Treasury

treasury night time petra jordan

everybody has already gathered at the Treasury in Petra

Rare magical moment of The Treasury at Night

Seeing a view this spectacular can only be seen when there is no light pollution. This is the best way to appreciate the natural wonders of the universe as you gaze on the night sky with this breathtaking view. Most tourists find this relaxing, as the tour will finally be accompanied by Bedouin music when you’re at the Treasury.

petra starry night jordan look up and admire the milky galaxy

Wonderful opportunity for night photographers

Petra by Night is a must-see attraction especially for night photographers. You will get the most satisfying long exposure shots provided by nature itself. Though the area is notably dark, your camera can capture light and produce dramatic night photos once the settings are right.

If you are serious about night photography, or want to capture the Milky Way galaxy over Petra at Night, then I suggest you check out the weather forecast so your trip to Petra wouldn’t be a waste. And yes, bring your tripod.

petra by night tour photo

candles will be put out after some time

Quick Tips for Travelers

1. Avoid using flash, it is useless. Bring a tripod instead and do long exposure shots. If you are not familiar on how to manipulate your camera settings, I would advise you search for how-to’s online in order to achieve a beautiful effect with the stars at night.

2. Plan accordingly. Petra by Night tours run for 2 hours and only on certain days of the week (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday). Tour starts at 20:30

3. Bring a flashlight. Petra is very dark at night, you need extra light to help you walk safely because the path is uneven.

4. Go early and leave last. This will enable you to take your time in taking photos.


last look

The entrance fee costs 17 JD (24 USD) and tickets can be bought at your hotel reception, Visitor Center shops and local tour agencies in Petra. Children under 10 years are free of charge.

Appreciate the beautiful and dramatic scenery that you will only see in Petra at Night. Enjoy the rare moments of silence and the abundance of stars above you before you head back to the urban city.

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