Affordable Vacation Ideas When Travelling as a Family

When you are travelling as a family, costs are usually more because you will be accounting for each and every head. You will have to set a budget for food, accommodation, attractions and activities. This may take a bit more planning, but it shouldn’t be a burden because this will be building memories with your children.

Family vacations are a great way to know your children better and a good opportunity for them to see life. We share some tips and ideas for you to have an affordable vacation while maximizing the time and destination.


Family travel

Tips when Travelling as a Family

Here are some travel ideas and tips when you are bringing your family with you on a vacation.

Schedule Your Flight in Advance –  Search for affordable flights 4-6 months in advance and book online. There are various flight booking websites that make it easier for you to scan from which airlines has the cheapest rates available. Airlines also hand out promotions every now and then when a special holiday comes up. You can just enter a coupon code like an emirates promo code when you reserve flight tickets online.


Emirates Airlines – largest airline in the Middle East

Book or Rent a hotel apartment – Try to book a hotel apartment. This way you can have the amenities of an actual apartment including kitchen dining areas. Check out room rentals like AirBnB or if you’re uncomfortable with that idea, you can do an online search for hotel apartments in the city.

burjuman arjaan suite

room with kitchen facilities
Hotel apartment in Burjuman Arjaan by Rotana

Cook Your Own Food / Buy from Supermarket – Given that you will be staying in a hotel apartment, it’s also wise to cook your own food. Use the kitchen facilities and save a lot on costs compared to eating in dining places. We are not saying that you should avoid eating in restaurants, but having a kitchen in your accommodation definitely helps in keeping the expenses down.


The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is a free tourist spot in the capital city of UAE.

Book Family Friendly Packages – Creating a Do-it-Yourself tour may sometimes be too much of a stress given that you will be bringing your children. Paylesser UAE is available for you to purchase online so can get a better travel package. Consider getting family-friendly deals so that it’s easier on the budget since it’s one of the benefits of travelling as a large group.

big-bus-tours-dubaiBig Bus Tours so you can travel the city.

Visit Public Museums, Parks and Beaches – Plan Something that the whole family can enjoy. Family parks and public museums are affordable places where every member of the family will be able to take part in. Beaches and camping are also popular activities to do. Having a common place that everybody will love will definitely be a money-saver as you can just spend for one destination for the day.


package tour in Fes, Morocco

Check Buy one Get one Deals – You may get discounts on theme parks, food places or tourist activities when you buy from Groupon sites. We here at DubaiTravelBlog recommend our coupons Entertainer App which is a great and effective way to save because of the Buy One Get One Deals.


island hopping in Phuket, Thailand

Bring Medication / First Aid Kit – You will not know when sickness will strike, especially with your children. It’s important to bring simple medicines and first aid kits in the bag to always be prepared of unexpected situations.


camels in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Travelling as a family will take more than the usual planning compared to travelling by yourself or with your partner. But it can still be done just so long as you prepare for it. Remember that this is a great experience as this helps broaden your child’s knowledge in learning about other cultures and being exposed to a world outside.

We hope that the tips above will help you in creating a great experience filled with adventures and stories as you also bond while travelling on a budget as a family.

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