10 Things to Expect from the Dubai International Motor Show 2019

The Dubai International Motor Show just concluded and the exhibition featured plenty of activities and showrooms from various brands and models. Welcoming all residents and visitors of Dubai, the 15th edition of the Dubai International Motor Show features a range of rip-roaring activities for motoring enthusiasts of all ages. The show took place at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

Here are 10 things that were expected from this cool and exciting event.

1. Hear Eddie Jordan, the Irish F1 legend recount tales from his famous career, his views on the future of motoring, his experiences founding the Jordan Grand Prix team in 1991, discovering a young Michael Schumacher and what it was like racing with mid 1970s with Alain Prost and Niki Lauda and Emerson Fittipaldi and James Hunt. Jordan’s talk will take place on Friday 15th of November at 6pm, in Hall 2, The Paddock.

2. Come and join one of the biggest Street Meets of the Year! More than 100 rare and stunningly gorgeous cars will congregate at the Outdoor Plaza on Friday and Saturday. Don’t miss the outdoor activities in partnership with Red Bull and, of course, be tempted by the drifting happening right beside the Street Meet

3. Meet the Arabian Gazelles, the first and only ladies club in the world for supercar drivers, who are hosting a number of workshops at their lounge throughout the show, covering topics like automotive design & career training, selling to luxury customers, and essentials for female racers. Also at the Lounge, this Saturday at 5pm, the Women’s World Car of the Year Award will announce the 2019 winners. Check out the host categories including the Holly Reich Dream Car Award, the Woman of Worth Award, the best cars in the Urban, Family, Green, Luxury, Performance and SUV/Crossover categories, as well as the Supreme Winner.

4. Visitors will also witness the world’s best stunt riders at Red Bull’s bike stunts! World stunt-motorbike champion Mike Jensen, regional champion Shadi Dhaheri, and rally driver Abdo Feghali will astound the crowds as they push the limits of what’s possible on two and four wheels in the on-site dedicated drifting area.

5. Experience the thrill of drifting first-hand with Prodrift at smoke-raging speeds. Strap into your seat and hold on tight as you ride with a professional drift instructor, on our custom-made drift course.

6. For gaming enthusiasts, the latest edition of Need For Speed is at the Dubai International Motor Show! Visitors can compete with each other for a chance to win a drifting ride with rally driver Abdo Feghali. And for those who love racing but can’t handle the high-octane competition, they can jump into the driver’s seat with the Simulators by Playtonia; two games, including the #1 eSports – Project CARS 2 Series and the Leisure Laps – Project CARS 2 Series, are available for race enthusiasts to hit the tracks virtually.

7. Check out vintage beauties at the Tomini Classic’s the first and finest classic car collection and visitors will have the chance to win a 1974 VW Beetle in the classic car auction.

8. Get a first-class seat to the future with the Future Mobility and Hyperloop; check out the never-before-seen electric vehicles and the future of mobility through VR, and sit inside the Virgin Hyperloop One capsule that will soon hit unreal speeds of 1,080 kmph.

9. For visitors to the show, the Drive In, Tune Out feature is offering drivers the chance to win up to US$ 10,000 of free upgrades to their car – fitted right then and there at the show, with expert mechanics and customizers souping-up five cars a day.

10. And for the little petrolheads, Kidzania Driving Streets is offering test drives and a first personal driving license as they take on the driving streets of KidZania.