Jordan Tourist Visa Application Process in Dubai

I recently applied for a tourist visa for Jordan and decided to share my experience to readers who want to travel to this country. The process of getting a Jordanian visa wasn’t difficult and it took me a maximum of 30 minutes to get my passport stamped at the Jordan Consulate General embassy in Bur Dubai.

Dubai  is a hotspot when it comes to travelling to different countries because it is situated in a prime location where you can go to various destinations. Europe, Africa, Asia are nearby spots and you can choose among plenty of countries to start your great travel adventure. Even if this blog focuses mainly on Dubai, let me expand the articles a bit just to give you an idea how convenient it is to travel to other destinations with Dubai as the starting point.

jordan visa application in dubai

How to Process a Jordanian Visa for Tourism in the UAE

Emirates flies daily from Dubai to Jordan and it only takes about 3.5 hours of travel time from the Dubai International Airport. So if ever you’re planning to visit Jordan, here’s how we processed our visa. Please take note that some nationalities, you can get a visa on arrival, some you have to get your visa before departing the UAE. To get the most updated list of requirements, you can visit this page from the General Consulate of Jordan here.

Jordan Visa Requirements

– Visa Application Form – Download the Application Form Here
– Passport size photo – colored
– Hotel Reservation
– No Objection Certificate (NOC) letter from Employer or Sponsor
– Passport and Residence Visa copy
– 270 AED processing fee
– Invitation Letter (we didn’t have an Invitation letter, but we had hotel reservation already)

We submitted these documents to the Jordan Consulate in Bur Dubai and after half an hour, we had our passports stamped! It was quick and convenient, especially when you have the necessary papers.

Visa on Arrival

When we arrived in Jordan, we noticed that there were several counters where you can apply for a Visa on Arrival. But since we already had ours beforehand, we directly proceeded to passport control.

I’ll be updating this blog with some stories about our Jordan adventure in the coming days so please stay tuned! Here’s a teaser just to give you an idea what you can see in this country!

dubai to jordan trip

Wadi Rum and Amman

petra jordan

Petra, Jordan

To get a more updated list of requirements and procedure, visit the Jordanian Consulate General embassy website:

Jordan Consulate in Bur Dubai Information

Phone:+971 4 397 0500
Address: Khalid bin Waleed Stree,Umm Hurair 1, Bur Dubai, Dubai – UAE
Location Map:

Below are articles of our experiences in this trip from Dubai to Jordan:

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  1. Hi. I just wanted to ask I am on a tourist visa to the UAE. will it be possible to for me to get a visit visa to Jordan?



    • Hi, thanks for the inquiry. I’m not so certain about it, the details above are based on those who have ‘residence visa’ in the UAE. However, if you apply for a visit visa to Jordan, it would depend on your passport and it’s eligibility. So it’s best to try to contact Jordan embassy/consulate in Dubai for that. Some countries may be granted visa upon arrival in Jordan, but that would really depend on your passport. It’s best to message proper authorities (Jordan embassy/consulate) for this question.

  2. Hello, I have ticket for Israel via Jordan, can I apply Jordan visa even without hotel reservation because I am planning to stay anyway for at least 2-3 days after my Israel tour, only I don’t have a specific date for my hotel reservation, that is why I can’t book now.

  3. How long the visa of jordan will approved when i applied there they said it takes 2 weeks to approve the visa but after 16 days I called them they said not yet approved. can you help me how to check the status of my visa not by means of calling them via phone because they are not attended in the phone. Is there any online checking?
    Im Filipino Passport

    • Hi Marie. My friend and I applied for Jordan Tourist Visa today and same thing that it will take now 2 weeks to proccess. So, did you get your stamped visa after 2 weeks? If so, did you just go there again and wait for it to be stamped? Thanks.

    • Hi marie, how long dis you get your visa? I already applied for the visa and same as you they told me it takes 2 weeks and i already booked my ticket.

      Hope to receive your response very soo .

  4. Hi! I would like to ask regarding residence visa. Can i still travel even if in 2 months my residence visa will expire?

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