Ken Block Video: Dubai as an Ultimate Driver’s Playground

This video is sure to leave you breathless as you see Dubai roads being empty which is a rare sight especially if you are a resident in this Middle East emirate. Created by Ford Performance, XDubai and Hoonigan, they are proud to have made this Ken Block’s Gymkhana EIGHT: Ultimate Exotic Playground; Dubai video.

Dubai has been recognized as having the best driving roads in the world, and from the eyes of an expat living here, you are definitely guaranteed a wide and functional driving experience.

Ken Block Utimate Exotic Playground Video

This is a feast to the eyes as you see various areas and districts in Dubai being highlighted. From the desert dunes to towering skyscrapers, from falcons to camels, even a pet cheetah is there which makes you leaves you in awe how they came up with this astonishing 9-minute clip.

You can check out the full video below:

Kudos to the film, stuntmen, drivers, cast and crew who made this short flick possible as this is just an amazing video to watch from start to end.