Dubai Police Supercars: World’s Fastest Police Cars

One of the things that Dubai is known for to the world is being home to numerous super cars and luxury vehicles. The government, particularly the Dubai Police, is no stranger to this as they have their own set of super fleet vehicles that parade and monitor the streets of Dubai.

If you stroll along the main entrance of The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, you can see plenty of these cars gracing the area. Or try to visit the Jumeirah road area, you’ll see tons of these cars and even more of plate numbers that are 3 digits or less (Dubai Plate Numbers are also another statement for the rich in this emirate but we’ll talk about that some other time).

Video: Dubai Police Super Cars

The Dubai Police and its team are always finding ways in order to build their brand and also maintain the security of the people living in the emirate. They seem to always be updated with the latest technology and infrastructure and there machines are always a highlight because they constantly offer something innovative to help combat crime.

Below you can watch the full video of these super cars by Dubai Police. Watch out as the Dubai Police will always catch you even if you run. ;p

Enjoyed the video? I’m sure these vehicles tend to attract a lo of attention. These police cars are a crowd drawer whenever there are events in Dubai. They help elevate the brand of the city while serving as a reminder that they take safety and security with utmost priority. So criminals, don’t think you can get away from the police force.

People can’t help but take snapshots of these supercars just because they themselves have become an attraction associated with the city. It’s alright to take photos of these vehicles during events, but would suggest otherwise on regular days.