Video: Two Men in Jet Packs Fly Over Dubai Desert

Perhaps the best feeling known to man is the feeling of taking flight, but not for Swiss ex-fighter pilot Yves Rossy who knows this all too well as he holds the Guinness World Record for the first man to ever fly with a jet-propelled wing device. For this remarkable feat, he has been known to many as Jetman.

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In this post we share a video clip of Jetman together with his flying partner, Veres Zoltan, who is an acrobatics champ, as they fly through the sky over the Dubai desert and perform some mind-blowing stunts that would leave you speechless, to say the least.

jetman dubai stunt
Image credit: YouTube | XDubai

Two Jet packers Fly Over Dubai Desert

If you’re thinking why some people would even dare to do the unthinkable – maybe it’s for that rare rush of adrenaline, or the idea of trying out something that everyone else can’t be completely okay with. Whatever their reason is, there’s no argument that watching two grown adult men perform something (as silly) or crazy as jumping off a helicopter to “fly” on jetpacks is enough to pique one’s interest and to wonder how that is even possible.

Here is a YouTube clip of the two jet packers flying over Dubai Desert:

This amazing feat caught on video was made possible by Jetman Dubai, in partnership with XDubai. If you can imagine what it’s like to be up thousands of feet in the air and then zoom through the scenic landscapes of Dubai with just a jetpack strapped on your back as you perform beautiful stunts with only gravity leading the way, then you might be able to understand why Jetman and Zoltan would dare to take this kind of challenge.

To say that watching the two jet packers “fly” in sync as they carefully match their speed with each other as they course through the Dubai desert as wonderful is an understatement. But don’t take it from us.  Take it from Yves, who shared what the best part of the experience for him was: it’s being able to share that wonderful experience of “flying” with another person. With his background as a pilot, we’re pretty sure that the guy has done it a dozen of times and knows what it takes to fly like a pro, but to enjoy the feeling and the experience of flight with another enthusiast is truly something special. That just takes the experience to a whole new level.

xdubai jetman
Image credit: YouTube | XDubai
jetmen dubai desert
Image credit: YouTube | XDubai

This type of experience is not at all new in a progressive and beautiful city such as Dubai. Other than flying on a jetpack, that should be enough reason for anyone to visit and experience the charms of the city.

If given the chance, would you also like to fly on a jetpack, too? Who would you tag along? Let us know through the comment section below.