Horse Mermaid Water Fountain at Mall of the Emirates

The water fountain at Mall of the Emirates has seahorse statues and is a nice centerpiece for restaurants and fashion brands inside the shopping complex. I did a bit of research and chanced upon a page of the designer of this fountain, Art Director Rusty Hatfield. You can check out the rest of the art description here Mall of the Emirates Fountain Dubai | Rusty Hatfield.

The first time I saw this fountain, I thought that the statues were just horses. Only when I read the post from the designer’s page did I realize that the upper body is the horse and the lower body is the tail of a fish! These are mythological creatures known as hippocamps.

Mall of the Emirates water fountain
hippocamp – Horse-mermaid – half-horse and half-fish

Mall of Emirates Hippocamp Water Fountain

This water fountain is located in the heart of the luxury wing of the mall. You can see the ground floor  are surrounded by restaurants and on the next level are some of the major fashion brands like Giorgio Armani, Chanel, etc.

The fountain serves a great central piece and to me, it’s one of the more recognizable spots when people plan to meet-up in the mall.

water fountain Mall of the Emirates
left side

water fountain MOE
right side

Vertical Panorama of the Water Fountain

Tried to shoot a vertical panorama of the water fountain with my camera and this is how it came out. Was having difficulty to aligning the lines. Got some blurry parts, but I’m glad to have taken a snapshot of it covering the different levels of the mall.

mall of emirates water fountain horse
long photo, eh?

Visiting this attraction and reading the words from the art designer made me realize that I should take a closer look at how statues like these are made and appreciate more the beauty of art.

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