Arabian Gold Ritual at The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall

The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall has launched new treatments and one of them is the Arabian Gold Ritual. This unique spa concept starts off with a body exfoliation scrub followed by a scalp massage while your body is wrapped in detoxifying gold clay. As your body is cocooned in gold clay, Shiffa face mask will be applied to your face. It ends with a gold-infused oil massage and Healing Balm face massage. The whole experience lasts for 120 minutes. Talk about a relaxing body treatment ritual!

the spa the address

The Spa at The Address – Dubai Mall

reception the spa dubai mall

a nice touch on the table

Trying the Shiffa Arabian Gold Ritual Treatment at The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall

Arriving at The Address Hotel on a weekend, I headed to the 3rd Level of the building as this is where the spa is located. The staff advises to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment so you can settle in prior to the massage.

the address dubai lanterns

lobby of the hotel – big lanterns

dubai mall spa the address

reception area of The Spa

Changing Room

You will be escorted to the changing room for you to leave your clothes and/or take a shower. You will also be given a locker with a towel, bath robe, and slippers to get comfortable.

locker room the address spa

the male changing room – locker room

the spa dubai mall

hallway to the relaxation area and the rooms

Relaxation Area at The Spa at The Address

A relaxation area is available for you to sit down while you wait for your therapist so you don’t have to stay at the reception. They also have a few edibles (biscuits and dried fruits), tea and water as well as some magazines there.

The Spa at The Address understands the importance of a peaceful state of mind and body. They want to make sure you are at ease as this also helps in building a soothing experience before, during, and after the treatment.

relaxation at the spa address

comfortable lounge chairs

relaxation area the spa address

water, tea, fruits, biscuits – help yourself!

I was introduced to my therapist “Hamzah” and he ushered me to one of the rooms assigned for the Arabian Gold Ritual therapy. REVIVE was the name of the room and I was pleasantly surprised by the natural light seeping through its windows.

The Spa has over 9 treatment rooms, hydrotherapy facilities, steam rooms and sauna, hair and nail studio, and relaxation areas.

massage table the spa address

Arabian Gold Ritual massage and treatment

massage room the spa address

natural light

Arabian Gold Ritual

The Arabian Gold Ritual consists of oils, masks, scrubs, toners – plenty of them to be used in the 2-hour session. Rose incense was used to set the mood of the already relaxing ambiance.

It started off with a scrub to get rid of dead skin and exfoliate the body. This is essential as the body absorbs the masks and oils more effectively. A shower is needed to rinse afterwards.

arabian gold ritual the spa dubai

rose incense
Scrub – mint and basil body scrub with dead sea salt
detox synergy by Shiffa Dubai

When you go to the “Revive” room, you can peep through the window and get a glimpse of the Burj Khalifa tower while taking a shower. What a nice added touch to see the tallest building in the world from your window!

bathroom the spa address dubai

shower room

view of burj khalifa from the spa

view of Burj Khalifa from one of the rooms of The Spa

Cocooned in Gold-Infused Body Mask

After the shower, gold body mask mixture was applied and a sheet of plastic (to keep the mask on) and towels will be wrapped around your body like a cocoon. This will stay on for a few minutes. In the mean time, a facial massage as well as a scalp massage will take place.

By the way, The Spa at The Address assures that the elements used to make these clays and mixtures are made from organic materials so you don’t have to worry about unwanted elements in the ingredients.

You will be so relaxed that you wouldn’t mind being wrapped like a ‘mummy’. Your body will feel warm and this signals that the gold-clay mask is taking effect.

arabian gold ritual the spa address

clay mask mixture applied to the body and wrapped with a sheet and towel

Another shower is required to rinse.

Gold-Infused Oil Body Massage

Next is the gold-infused oil which is used to start the massage. This is a full body massage and I’m glad that the therapist had strong and firm strokes to relieve the body from stress accumulated during the workweek.

Lastly, it ends with a Healing Balm facial massage.

gold oil dubai massage

Shiffa Gold Body Oil

Dubai can get really busy and the massage was a great idea to relax. The treatment helps in cleansing the face and purifying the body as it softens and moisturizes your skin. You can still spend some time in the relaxation area afterwards.

In a nutshell, below is the sequence of events of the Shiffa Arabian Gold Ritual:

  1. Body scrub
  2. Shower rinse
  3. Body mask – Face mask – Scalp massage
  4. Shower rinse
  5. Body massage – Face massage

After a long and tiring workweek, the Arabian Gold Ritual by The Spa at The Address is a great reward to pamper yourself with. This is recommended if you’re looking for a complete body rejuvenation therapy as it includes a scrub, facial, hair, and body massage and treatment.

shiffa hair oil dubai

Shiffa Invigorating Hair Oil
Shiffa is an award winning, natural, organic and holistic beauty range developed by dermatologist, Dr Lamees. For more details, visit

Arabian Gold Ritual
As the traditional aroma of Arabian Rose incense relaxes your mind and body, your reviving session begins with a gentle exfoliation using a refreshing Basil and Mint body scrub. Relax while being cocooned with the deeply purifying gold clay mask and balancing Shiffa face mask and have your therapist stimulate your senses with an invigorating scalp massage. End your journey with an opulent full body gold infused massage and our popular Healing Balm face massage.

world luxury spa awards middle east

Best Luxury Day Spa at the World Luxury Spa Awards

Deeply cleanses and purifies face and body
Smoothens and softens skin
Detoxifies the body
Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
Deeply relaxes the body and mind
Stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation

from The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall

arabian gold ritual dubai spa

120-minute body treatment – body scrub, cleansers, toners, clay masks, oils, incense

Ingredients Used in the Arabian Gold Ritual

These are the items used for the treatment, all are natural and organic:

  • Aromatic Facial Cleanser
  • Skin Balancing Facial Toner
  • Jojoba Facial Polish
  • Balancing Green Clay or Rejuvenating Rose Face Mask
  • Basil and Mint Body Scrub with Dead Sea Salt
  • Gold Clay Body Mask
  • Detox Synergy
  • Gold Gem Body Oil
  • Invigorating Hair Oil
  • Healing Balm
  • Rose Incense

Hamzah explained the steps of the body treatment very well. The information helped a lot in understanding the purpose of each ingredient and procedure.

reception the spa address

reception of the spa

Other Contact Details:

Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm
Location: 3rd floor, The Address Dubai Mall
Telephone Number: +971 4 438 8025
Facebook Page:


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