Entertainer Dubai 2015 Book and Smartphone App

I consider buying the Dubai Entertainer as an investment for every resident in this Emirate city. This is a very useful book filled with gift vouchers from different establishments. From restaurants to hotels, travel agencies to theme parks, even small food shops in the city, the Entertainer Dubai booklet is filled with discounts and discounts aplenty.

This is our go-to blue book whenever we want to explore different restaurants because there’s a wide array of choices to pick. Since we haven’t explored much of Dubai, it gives us the opportunity to go out and see what the city has to offer.

dubai entertainer booklet 2015
Middle East Entertainer – Dubai version

2015 Dubai Entertainer Book

This will be our third year to purchase the book and I can say that we have made good use of it. To think that there’s plenty more vouchers that are available. We don’t think that it’s a waste even if we don’t finish all the discounts in our 2014 version. We have saved a huge amount already because of the offers that we got from using a few coupons.Dubai-Entertainer-Book-2015

Definitely, we will be purchasing the 2015 version of this Entertainer booklet. We cannot wait to use the Abu Dhabi Ferrari world tickets that come inside the Entertainer Dubai book as we haven’t gone to this tourist spot yet. Yes — even the Dubai version has the Ferrari world and Yas Island tickets. That’s more than 100 plus dirhams savings per ticket!

Entertainer Dubai  2015 Mobile Smartphone App

If you feel like the book is too heavy, you can download the Smartphone App and purchase it through your phone. That way, you can simply scan through the available vouchers with your thumb. You can easily access the coupons from different establishments that are available and even search for them in your smartphone application.

You can download the Entertainer App for Android and iOS!

This mobile concept was introduced in 2014 and has proven to be good way to save paper and time as you only have to type the name of the establishment and present the coupon inside the mobile device to the staff of the place where you’re going to use it.

Convenience: Benefit of the Smartphone Appdubai-entertainer-mobile-2015

The major benefit of the mobile Entertainer Dubai 2015 application is the convenience that it provides. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring the book because you can simply access the vouchers using your smart phone (which is most likely always with you wherever you go).

No more bulky wallets or forgetting the coupons, and no more bringing of the heavy book. Also, you can share the same account with your family or friend. So long as you have access to an account through a username and password, you can use the available vouchers it has. This is awesome for families and friends who want to purchase one account and maximize the offers.

The mobile app is also helpful to locate to places as it has a tracking set-up where it will search for available Entertainer partner establishments where you are currently on. So it’s really convenient!

Note: You just have to make sure that you have access to the internet via WiFi or your mobile data plan in order to use the Entertainer app. The establishment will have to verify the ticket and use the code associated with the mobile coupon. Most establishments have internet connection anyway.

So should you get the Book or the Mobile App?

It really depends on you which one you want to use, whether the actual book or the smartphone app. Choose any Entertainer book medium you want to purchase and just enjoy the benefits of having great value packages at discounted rates.

This is a great way for you to save while enjoying what Dubai has to offer. We’re most likely planning to get the Smartphone because two years in a row, we bought the book. We will try the application this time. I cannot wait for the 2015 version of the Entertainer Dubai to be released and take advantage of the buy one get one promotions it has.

entertainer dubai experiences
some of the experiences using the Entertainer vouchers

Remember that when you buy the book or app, you’re investing on experiences that will last a lifetime. More than the discounts, it’s the memories that the Entertainer offers is what makes it worth it.

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    • Hi Lisa, I’d recommend you enter your daughter’s credentials when you download the App and purchase it. and then let her download the app with the details you used to sign up. But better if you contact the Entertainer team for more assistance 🙂

    • @Sachin: yes, basically the Mobile version is a downloadable App so anyone who has a Smartphone can download it and you can have other members log-in to the same single account used. This is what the staff from The Entertainer Middle East explained to me when I emailed them. 🙂

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