Canada Beef Barbecue at Wavebreaker, Hilton JBR


We were able to take part in the first day of the Canadian Beef Culinary Series which was a Canada Beef Lunch at Wavebreaker Beach Bar & Grill at Hilton JBR. The grilled barbecue lunch is one of the events organized by Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort, Canadian Beef, and Air Canada to highlight the best of the Maple Leaf nation. … Read more

Dinner at Pachanga Restaurant & Cuban Bar at Hilton JBR


We spent a Friday evening of South American cuisine at Pachanga Restaurant and Cuban bar in Hilton Hotel – JBR. Despite a sandstorm which seemed to signal the change of season, we managed to drop by this place and have a great dinner experience. Related Post: Friday Salsa Night at Pachanga Dubai is home to plenty … Read more