Dubai Water Fountain Show from the Madeleine Cafe Terrace

UPDATE: This cafe/restaurant is now closed and has replaced by an Apple store.

We had dinner with a great view of the Dubai Fountain at the terrace of Madeleine Cafe and Boulangerie one Friday evening. This restaurant in The Dubai Mall specializes in French cuisine and has weekly specials for its patrons to offer something different aside from their regular menu items. We were in for a treat as they prepared a three course set for us that night.

madeleine terrace water fountain
water fountain view from Madeleine Cafe terrace

dubai fountain madeleine
the terrace has an unobstructed view of the fountain, book your seats when you dine in!

Dubai Fountain View during Dinner at Madeleine Cafe and Boulangerie

We’ve been in this Parisian-inspired restaurant before. We had their All Day Lazy Breakfast and a dinner with their guest chef and in both occasions, we sat inside. This time was different as they reserved a table at the corner of their terrace.

This terrace corner is considered to be a popular spot for diners because you get a lovely view of the Burj Khalifa lake below and the anticipated fountain show presentation. Might I say that we were very lucky to have sat there!

madeleine cafe and boulangerie dubai mall
Madeleine Café & Boulangerie in Dubai Mall

dubai fountain show
Fountain show

Mr. Mohit, the manager, introduced us to a mix of their weekly specials and their regular menu items. This is their way of providing new items on their menu and offering something different to their regular customers.


We had their mint lemonade and parisian sunrise. Summer is coming up in Dubai and what better way to start the 3-course set than with these refreshing mocktails!

lemon mint drink dubai
Mint Lemonade
Fresh mint blended with homemade lemonade – 30 AED

madeleine dubai mall
Parisian Sunrise
Orange, mango and pineapple topped with grenadine syrup – 30 AED


We had the Lentilles de Oeuf Poche and Fois Gras de Canard Torchon for starters. The fois gras was rich and creamy and the fig jam added a sweet touch to the duck.

madeleine cafe dubai appetizer
Lentilles de Oeuf Poche
Poached egg with puy lentil, turkey lardon and smoked red pepper – 60 AED

madeleine cafe boulangerie
Fois Gras de Canard Torchon
Duck liver, fig jam and toasted brioche – 95 AED

Main Course

For our main course, we had a chicken thigh casserole which was partnered with Pilaf rice. The casserole serving was really huge that it could stand by itself without the rice. We also had sea bass with a very lovely presentation. It looked too good to eat!

madeleine cafe boulangerie dubai
Cuisse de poulet Basquaise
Boneless chicken thigh casserole served with Pilaf rice – 95 AED

madeleine cafe dubai seafood
Filet de Loup Nicoise
Sea bass fillet served with La Ratte potatoes, beans, asparagus, olives, cherry tomatoes and capers in noisette butter – 120 AED


As for dessert, my favorite part, we had coffee ice cream and berries frangipane tart. The ice cream had some crunchy coffee bits that added a different texture to the sweet dessert.

madeleine cafe dubai mall
Cafe Liegois
Coffee ice cream with lightly sweetened coffee and Chantilly cream – 40 AED

madeleine cafe dessert dubai mall
Frangipane Tarte Fine de Baise
Berries frangipan tart – 35 AED

We were very full afterwards that we took some more time to relax and enjoy the water fountain show. The view was something worth staying longer so we sat and stared at the lake.

Dancing Fountain Show in Dubai

The show begins at 6 pm and includes a selected song number accompanied by the dancing water and light fountain. Every night, Dubai tourists and residents flock to this area to witness this activity. This is after all, a great tourist attraction in Dubai Mall and Dubai as a whole.

terrace view madeleine cafe
view down below

dubai water fountain show
The fountain show is always a sight to behold

This was a great weekend and a satisfying dinner experience altogether. If you plan to watch the water fountain and  light show, I recommend you dine at the terrace of Madeleine Café. Don’t forget to call for reservation if you wish to get seats outside!

Contact Information

Restaurant: Madeleine Café & Boulangerie Address: Ground Level, Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall, Dubai, U.A.E.
Telephone Number: +971 4 438 4335
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