Purchased the Entertainer Dubai App 2016

I just purchased the Entertainer Dubai App 2016. As a travel blogger in Dubai, this smartphone app gives me huge savings as we visit different restaurants and tourist spots, and eventually blog about these experiences. So if you’re a resident or even a tourist who wants to explore Dubai, you might want to consider buying this App.

What is the Entertainer Dubai?

If you’re wondering what this Dubai Entertainer is, basically, it’s a collection of Buy One Get One offers from various establishments in Dubai. Food restaurants, entrance tickets to theme parks, desert safari adventures, etc. are included in this packed mobile application. We are regular customers of The Entertainer because it’s just so great to use if you want to save.

The Entertainer Dubai app also makes us explore different parts of Dubai. This helps us acquaint ourselves with both new and beloved restaurants and shops in the city. This is truly a sweet deal when you buy meals good for 2 people, yet you’re only paying for one! Last year, we saved over 3,515 Dirhams on various food trips here in Dubai. And we only bought the mobile App for 395 AED!

entertainer dubai book 2016

bought the app from their website

Dubai Entertainer Mobile App 2016

We used to get the physical Entertainer books (which are are also currently available) but we figured it would be much more convenient to buy the smartphone app. You only need to download the application on your Smartphone and access the coupons in your device. You activate the coupon and present it to the staff of the restaurant or shop where you’re going to use it.

The book took a long time for us to scan through various coupons. With the mobile app, it only took us a few filtered searches to check the available discounts.entertainer dubai voucher

Buy One Get One Discounts!
food restaurants were the shops where we used the coupons the most

Another thing I was initially thinking was to get the Entertainer Dubai Fine Dining App, because most of the coupons we’ve used last year were in restaurants. But after scanning the available merchants and stores, it turns out that the Fine Dining option was for more upscale places (in hotels, etc.) The Dubai App is the more practical one for our lifestyle.

As I continue blogging about Dubai’s food and adventures, I will surely use this mobile app.

Where to Buy the Entertainer Books?

In case you’re interested to buy the book, you can get the book in major Supermarkets like Carrefour, Choithrams, Spinneys, etc. or bookshops like Borders, Kinokuniya, Hallmark, Virgin Megastore, etc.

Where to Buy the Entertainer Smartphone App?

If you want to get the Smartphone App, you have to download the App from Google Play or the App Store. After downloading, you can purchase through the mobile app, or you can also create an account online from the Entertainer website here – www.theentertainerme.com


    • Hi Brian, yes Ferrari world has one ticket (get one), while Yas Island has 3 bronze admission tickets. As far as I’ve checked in the Dubai 2016 App. You can also check out the Entertainer website – theentertainerme.com and check out their list of merchants for your reference 🙂

  1. May I know if you are interested to swap vouchers? I also bought the Dubai app 2016 for my upcoming visit to Dubai with family and would need an extra Ferrari world voucher … Let me know, many thanks !

  2. Hey i was planing to buy this app but can we make advance booking or should we be present at the location to make the booking in case of ferrari world or ski dubai?
    Again how does the hotel room booking also work?

    • Hi Arjun, usually you can just walk-in to these places, and tell the counter you have the coupon. As for Hotel Bookings, it’s best to communicate with them beforehand so they will be able to reserve the rooms (days of checkin) for you.

  3. Hi
    Does the entertainer have a voucher for afternoon tea at the burj al Arab and do you have to tell them when you book if you have a voucher

    • Hi, I don’t think there’s an afternoon tea in the Dubai App. There are other Dubai Apps like Dubai Fine Dining, Dubai Kids, etc. but couldn’t see the Afternoon Tea option. You can try searching from the entertainer website and filter out the list of merchants based on your preference.

    • Yes, that would be the case when using the Entertainer App. Usually residents have mobile data plans or you can ask the restaurant for their WiFi service password so you can access the app. Sometimes as well, malls have free WiFi. It’s not that much of an issue in our case.

  4. Hi, are the orange vouchers that appear on there free? i.e. you don’t have to buy the book. I haven’t purchased anything yet but on the app some things in orange are accessible whereas those in grey say I need to purchase the product. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Marty, as what I know, if the app is in Orange, it should be active and you can claim it. Not sure why you’re getting an orange ‘coupon’ on the app when you haven’t bought the book yet? It’s possible that it’s a monthly offer so maybe you can try it.


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