Nowruz Feast Celebration at Shayan Restaurant in Al Ghurair Rotana

Shayan Restaurant celebrates the Persian New Year with a Nowruz Feast! This is a restaurant specializing in Iranian cuisine which is located at the 3rd floor of Al Ghurair Arjaan & Rayhaan by Rotana. One thing you might notice when you go inside the restaurant is it’s unique wooden decorations dividing the tables which gives you a sense of privacy which is great when dining.

Shayan offers an intimate set-up with semi-private booths as well as big dining tables for you to share a meal with family or friends.

shayan dinner
Shayan restaurant in Al Ghurair Rotana hotel

shayan restaurant dubai
inside Shayan restaurant – with a Santoor player

Persian Cuisine at Shayan Restaurant – Al Ghurair Arjaan & Rayhaan by Rotana

Now means “New” and Ruz means “Day”.  Shayan restaurant celebrates the Nowruz or “New Day” of the Persian calendar from March 15 to March 31 with a great feast!

Outside the restaurant, you will notice a table set-up which is called Haft Sin/Haft Seen. This is a special cover in every Persian household with special items with each item representing a symbol.

shayan nowruz persian new year
lower right is the Half Sin table set-up

persian restaurant dubai
One of the booths in Dubai’s Shayan restaurant for an intimate set-up

Nowruz Feast Menu by Shayan Restaurant

Let’s move on to the food. Below is the menu included in the Nowruz Feast – Persian Menu; from appetizers to the main course to the dessert! Main highlights we’ve tried were the welcome treat, the lamb main course and the interesting Persian dessert!

Welcome Treat:
Mas O Khiyar – Yoghurt and cucumber dip and
Panir-O Sabzi Khordan – Iranian crudites platter

shayan restaurant nowruz feast
Mas O Khiyar & Panir-O Sabzi Khordan – welcome treat!

Appetizer: Dolme Barg E Mo – Grapes leaves stuffed with fresh herbs, rice and lentil
Soup: Ash E Shole Galamkar – Iranian traditional thick soup with lamb and fresh vegetables

shayan al ghurair iranian cuisine
Dolme Barg E Mo – appetizer

iranian thick soup shayan restaurant
Ash E Shole Galamkar – thick soup

Main Course:
Sabzi Polow ba Mahi – Baghali rice and fresh herbs accompanying marinated fried hamour fish fillet
Reshteh Polo – Persian aromatic rice and noodle layered with lamb

persian food shayan restaurant
Sabzi Polow ba Mahi – fish dish

shayan restaurant Reshteh Polo
Reshteh Polo – lamb dish

Golabi Zaferani ba Bastani – Poached saffron pears served with ice cream

Golabi Zaferani ba Bastani
Golabi Zaferani ba Bastani – Persian dessert

With so many expats living in Dubai, you are bound to find many places where you can enjoy a variety of cuisine. If you’re looking for Persian cuisine, you can check out Shayan restaurant located at Al Ghurair Rotana.

Shayan is located at the far end of the 3rd floor of Al Ghurair Rotana Hotel.

dubai shayan restaurant

Nowruz Pirooz!

From the 15th to the 31st of March, Shayan at Al Guhrair Rayhaan by Rotana comes alive with the most delectable and delicate flavours of Iran.

Usher in the New Year and share the happiness, prosperity and love with family and friends. For AED 110* per person inclusive of hot beverages, join us for an authentic Iranian set menu dinner experience. Savour a dinner buffet on the 19th and 20th and a lunch buffet on the 21st. Then, for three consecutive days starting from the 19th, enjoy live entertainment with your dining experience as our santoor player serenades you with traditional music. We also have special discounts from 10% onwards for groups of 10 persons and more.

– from Shayan Restaurant

shayan restaurant rotana al ghurair

Contact Information

Shayan Restaurant
Al Ghurair Arjaan & Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana, Dubai
Telephone Number: + 971 (0) 4 2933000