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I’ve been in Dubai for over 2 years now and I used to work in sales until I landed a job in marketing. However, I am thinking of going freelance because I want to focus on working on side projects such as using my skills in photography and blogging. I’ve been wondering how freelance photographers or writers in Dubai get their their visas and how they are able to sustain themselves with this alternative career.

I love Dubai and it has so much potential in terms of going freelance. There are many opportunities for companies and agencies to hire your service for different projects. Question is how do I get  work and what where do I apply for visas or working permits?

dubai freelancer
freelancing work in Dubai, is it a dream only?

How to get a freelance visa in Dubai?

I’ve been doing some research and have come across agencies that provide visas for freelance workers. The two that stands out the most are Creative Zone and Virtuzone. These agencies will explain the process on how you can get your work visa as a photographer or writer by getting a trade license for your own company. These professions fall under the freelancer category.

I heard you would need to set up a business first to get the visas. I cannot confirm the correct procedure and it would be best to contact these agencies first for confirmation.

Budget for a Freelance Visa a Concern

When I talked to them, budget seems a concern for me. The thing is, I don’t have the funds available to pay for the business (yet). I’m not earning enough to set up a company of my own and get my own work visa. So that leaves me to staying with a day job for now until I am able to find a way to sustain myself.  I’m wondering how other bloggers are able to do it here. Or how even photographers are able to book gigs for themselves.

I’m assuming that they work for an agency or gave a husband or spousal visa and are doing these  as a side project. I want to own my time and be a digital nomad so I can also travel to different places while owning my time. Insha’llah.

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