Iftar Buffet at Liwan Restaurant in Al Ghurair Rotana

It’s the feast of Ramadan in Dubai and plenty of establishments have set up various Iftar specials to celebrate the breaking of fast during the day. Liwan Restaurant in Al Ghurair Rotana offers Iftar with Arabic cuisine and a variety of international dishes on its menu.

Iftar Night at Liwan Restaurant
Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana – Dubai

liwan restaurant dubai
Liwan Restaurant

liwan all day dining dubai
Ramadan Iftar Buffet

Ramadan Iftar Buffet at Al Ghurair Hotel’s Liwan Restaurant

We arrived at Liwan restaurant half past seven and were seated at a table near the terrace area. Liwan restaurant is one of the restaurants in the hotel (the other being Shayan Persian restaurant) which specializes in Middle Eastern food.

ramadan liwan restaurant
various Arabic flavors

liwan restaurant al ghurair rotana
inside the restaurant

They have a bar where you can order refreshments, stations for appetizers and sushi, Arabic menu, Indian menu, assorted drinks, and an Arabic dessert station with a a selection of international dishes and sweets.

Live musicians play traditional music as you enjoy your dining go experience. There is also a dedicated station for serving Moroccan tea. Plenty of families were around celebrating the feast. This is, after all, the first meal of the day.

liwan restaurant al ghurair
camel made of wood

iftar buffet liwan dubai
mix of Arabic and international cuisine

We took our time enjoying the spread. There’s plenty of food for everyone and we had the whole night to keep busy taking pictures and enjoying the meals.

The Iftar at Liwan restaurant is open from 7pm to late 9pm.

ramadan dubai liwan restaurant
Ouzi local style

al ghurair liwan restaurant dubai
Shawarma and bread

One of the highlights is the dessert station where you can try a number of Arabic sweets in a lovely display. I took some time trying these desserts while everybody was busy in the main course and appetizer section. It was good especially because it was not crowded at the time.

arabic desserts liwan restaurant
Lovely Arabic desserts

arabic sweets ramadan
Plenty of Arabic sweets to try

The Iftar Buffet costs 149 AED per person. However, there’s an option for you to only spend 79 AED. If you head over to the Special Ramadan Iftar Coupon page of Al Ghurair Rotana and follow some instructions. Liking a their FB page and filling out their form would entitle you to download a coupon and get this dinner experience at almost half the price! Check it out here – Liwan Ramadan Iftar Buffet at 79 AED

liwan restaurant bandLive Band

liwan buffet dubai
Ramadan Kareem!

iftar liwan
Teas and dates are aplenty

Al Ghurair Rotana Ramadan Promotions

Al Ghurair Rotana has some exciting offers and promos available for its guests to make your stay more memorable and exciting. Here are some of activities they have for this Ramadan season. Check out the information below and the links for more details.

al ghurair ramadan promos
Raffle, Photo booth and instagram contests

It was a great Saturday to cap the week off. If you are looking into eating a variety of Arabic cuisine, try Liwan Restaurant at Al Ghurair Rotana.

liwan iftar buffet
Ramadan in Dubai is also Iftar specials every night!

staff liwan restaurant
Liwan staff

How to Get There

Ride the Metro and stop at Union station. Exit and walk towards the Al Ghurair Mall. The hotel is located beside the mall.

Contact Information

Liwan Restaurant
Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana, Dubai
Telephone Number: + 971 (0) 4 2933000
Website: www.rotana.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlGhurairRayhaanandArjaanbyRotana