Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort Features Canadian Excellence

This February 2016, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort partners with Canadian Beef and Air Canada to share the best of the Maple Leaf nation. Residents of Dubai and hotel guests of Hilton JBR can take part in this celebration via hotel restaurants Wavebreaker or BiCE.

Air Canada is celebrating the launch of the new flight route between Dubai and Toronto, and the airline company is giving away 2 free return tickets to Calgary via Toronto in the form of a raffle draw for all the dining guests of restaurants.

wavebreaker hilton jbr

Wavebreaker BBQ

We had a great experience when we dined in the hotel’s Latin American restaurant called Pachanga. (read about our dinner experience here – Dinner at Pachanga Restaurant & Cuban Bar). Now we are looking forward  to the events they have lined up this month.

Hilton Dubai JBR, Canadian Beef and Air Canada Showcases the Best of the Maple Leaf Nation

“We are excited to align with one of our great brand partners, Canada Beef, and take part in their Canadian Beef Culinary Series which is an expression of premium beef and wine highlighting the Canadian beef brand story”, Hotel Manager Petr Pisecky said. “The Culinary Series will take place in some of our restaurants that have been part of the Dubai food and beverage institution for more than 10 years. In addition to this partner we are also happy to be able to support Air Canada and their new, great expansion to Dubai.”

wavebreaker dubai

Wavebreaker at Hilton JBR

“It’s exciting to align Canadian Beef with premium brands like Hilton and Air Canada. Dubai is a market that is inspired by world-class products such as ours,” said an enthusiastic Rob Meijer, Canada Beef President, about the partnership. “By telling our stories together, we are able to encourage loyalty to the Canadian brand.”

Events at the beach front of Hilton JBR

  • February 18 – Canadian BBQ at Wavebreaker
    Chill out and have a Canadian BBQ by the beach. Premium Canadian beef and veal will be served! Free lunch is offered from 1pm to 4pm
  • February 19 – Intimate Wine Dinner at BiCE Ristorante
    Have an Intimate Wine Dinner which includes a 5 course menu with prime Canadian beef cuts. Chef Andrea and somelier will guide and introduce you to the finer things of Canada.
  • February 20 – Canadian Beef Soiree at Wavebreaker
    There will be a Canadian Beef Soiree in Wavebreaker. This will take place in the gardens next to the beach and chefs will demonstrate their skills via live cooking stations.

wavebreaker restaurant dubai

0utdoor seating

Photo credits: Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort

To reserve a spot, you can call their restaurant hotline at 04 399 1111 or send an email to fb.jumeirahreservations@hilton.com
More details about this event here – hilton.com/Dubai