Green Mubazzarah Hot Springs in Al Ain City


Green Mubazzarah is a great park to go and have a stopover in Al Ain City. This is a spot where families and friends can hang out during the weekend and be one with nature for some rest and relaxation. This was also the next area in our itinerary after visiting the Al Ain Zoo. … Read more

Day Tour of Al Ain City in Abu Dhabi

al ain city tour

One of the refreshing activities you can do in the UAE during a weekend is go on a road trip to Al Ain City, the greenest part of the Emirates. This is a great way to spend your day off from work if you want to see the Middle East beyond the regular desert safari trip … Read more

Visiting the Al Ain National Museum and Al Ain Oasis

al ain oasis abu dhabi uae

We stopped by the Al Ain National Museum and the Al Ain Oasis before heading back to Dubai. These were last places on the list during our Al Ain City Tour. Coming from the Camel Market, Qismat drove us along the streets in the town so we could also see the city proper on a … Read more

Lots of Camels at the Al Ain Camel Market!

camels at al ain camel market

The Al Ain Camel Market is the next place to visit on our day tour of the city. This was something I was excited about as I wanted to see plenty of camels in one location. The camel market seems to be a great place to admire these creatures without other tourists waiting in line … Read more

13 Interesting Photos of Animals in Al Ain Zoo Up Close

al ain zoo abu dhabi uae

We took a trip to Al Ain Zoo and saw plenty of animals up close. This was the first stop of our Al Ain City Tour. Coming from Dubai, we arrived at the location after driving for one hour and 20 minutes. When we arrived at the animal center, we couldn’t help but take as … Read more