List of Restaurants in Bab Al Shams Desert Resort

Bab Al Shams is a great resort to spend a vacation as it is only about an hour’s drive from the city of Dubai and you get to experience staying in a desert oasis.  If you cannot stay for a night at this hotel resort, you can still visit to simply dine in the restaurants available. Here’s a list of restaurants in Bab Al Shams resort (check rates).

Al Hadheera Restaurant

The Al Hadheera restaurant is known to be one of the best fining experiences in Dubai. They give you an ultimate traditional Arabic experience as the restaurant is set up as though you are in a festive market in the old days.

al hadheera restaurant

diorama of Al Hadheera

There are souks selling merchandise,  tanoura dance shows,  various presentations, etc.  People are in a festive mood and you will feel like you are in a fair. This restaurant has a huge area and people can explore the booths and corners. Of course, you can enjoy the overall dining experience with family and friends while immersing yourself with the Middle East culture.

Note: Apologies for the photo as we haven’t visited Al Hadheera during our stay in Bab Al Shams. We hope to visit the restaurant when we come back to the resort. In the mean time, here’s what you can witness in this dinner event.

Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge

Al Sarab, according to the staff, offers the best sunset view of Dubai. It is good to drop by around 6 pm or when the sun is about to set. This gives you an amazing scenery of the Dubai desert as you drink some beverages or feast in their Arabic menu.

The roof top has a laid back environment and you can enjoy the night listening to a performer singing Arabic tunes. Sometimes you might find other diners clapping and dancing to the performer’s beat.

music lounge bab al shams resort

live musician playing at night in Al Sarab

rooftop lounge bab alshams

night at the rooftop lounge

Even if you might not understand the lyrics of the song, you can’t help but enjoy the night because of the chill and relaxing ambiance. Read about our experience here – Dinner at Al Sarab

Le Dune Pizzeria

If you’re looking for some authentic a Italian cuisine, you can head over to the Leap Dune Pizzeria shop. You can have a great dining experience over a variety of pizza and pasta dishes.

le dune pizzeria dubai

 Le Dune

le dune pizzeria restaurant

pizza and pasta!


Al Shurouq Lounge

Beside the Le Dune is the Al Shurouq Lounge. This is another option other than Al Sarab to spend the night al fresco. They offer light bites, pizza and a selection of drinks in a Majlis style set-up.

al shurouq lounge bab al shams

lounge at Al Shurouq

Al Forsan Restaurant

Al Forsan offers a buffet spread and this is where the breakfast buffet of Bab Al Shams is set up. There’s a live cooking station to have the chef prepare your eggs and they also have a selection of fresh drinks available. Read about our experience here – Breakfast & Lunch at Al Forsan

roast leg of lamb dubai

roasted lamb at Al Forsan

al forsan dining restaurant dubai

 inside Al Forsan restaurant

Ya Hala Bar

The Ya Hala Bar is located beside the hotel lobby and offers a traditional setting with a unique charm and comfort. You can order afternoon tea or drinks as well as a selection of snacks from their a la carte menu.

ya hala bar

nice private booth

ya hala bar bab alshams

Ya Hala Cellar special

Masala Restaurant

Open during selected days of the week, Masala showcases authentic Indian cuisine. We were not able to view what’s inside this restaurant as it was closed during our stay there.

masala bab al shams

Masala in Bab Al Shams

Pool Bar

The bar in the pool area serves a selection of drinks and beverages as you take a dip in the water. Nice way to freshen up as you bask in the Middle Eastern sun.

pool bar bab al shams

pool area of the resort

There are plenty of restaurants in Bab Al Shams Resort that people drive to this place simply for the dining experience. Mostly it’s the Al Hadheera restaurant and the Al Sarab rooftop lounge. It is best to call the hotel before coming to make a reservation and to make sure the restaurants are able to serve you.

We are planning to drop by again and try the Al Hadheera experience one of these days.

How to Get There

Location is about an hour drive from the city. You can hire a taxi and pay approximately 150 Dirhams for the meter fare.

Contact Information

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa (Book Here)
Telephone Number: +971 4 8096100
Fax Number: +971 4 8326698
Address: PO Box 8168 Al Qudra Road, Dubai, UAE

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