Dinner at Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge in Bab Al Shams

Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge and restaurant offers a relaxing and laid back environment to watch the sunset and dine in Bab Al Shams Desert hotel and resort. This was the place where we decided to have dinner during our quick hotel getaway in Dubai.

Al Sarab is secluded. It’s away from the tall skyscrapers of Dubai and if you have a car, it’s nice to drive here to have a different view as you enjoy good company with friends or with your significant other over dinner.

al sarab rooftop bab al shams

Al Sarab in Bab Al Shams

al sarab dubai

Al Sarab restaurant in the afternoon

Al Sarab Restaurant in Dubai

We dropped by this restaurant in the afternoon as we were mapping out the resort and decided to have our dinner here. It helped that we had a mobile Entertainer coupon to get a discount of their items.

The staff were busy preparing the area as it was about to turn night in a few more hours.

al sarab restaurant in dubai

overlooking the desert

rooftop lounge al sarabafternoon view

The best time to come here would be before it gets dark, according to the staff, as you can witness a beautiful sunset overlooking the desert. We didn’t get to witness it as we were still in the pool area during that time.

The area is huge and you can pick a spot where you want to lounge. We made sure to find a corner with more than enough space so we could get comfortable and bask in the ambiance of this Middle Eastern restaurant.

rooftop lounge desert resort

lounge areas – pick a spot!

food at al sarab

Arabic food (the pizza has Arabic ingredient toppings!) and some lovely drinks for the night

The restaurant has a live musician singing and playing some Arabic tunes. It’s a fresh experience especially for tourists who want to hear Arabic music. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics to the song, you can feel the vibe of the diners who just want to have a good time.

Many of the diners of the restaurant drive all the way from the city just to have a relaxing time in this place.


live musician playing Arabic music

bab al shams resort al sarab lounge

night light lanterns

We had a fun and relaxing time overall and it was great to have dined in Al Sarab until the late night. I would recommend this as a place to check out when you have a bit more time to go and drive out of the city.

Night Shots of Bab Al Shams

Here are a few more shots at of the restaurant and resort at night. Lovely lights to cap the night off.

swimming pool at night bab alshamsview overlooking the pool area

rooftop lounge bab alshams

roof top lounge in Dubai

We spent the remaining nights listening to the one-man band. Try to visit this spot if you have time! Sure worth it for the private experience.

music lounge bab al shams resort

Sarab restaurant

How to Get There

Location is about an hour drive from the city. You can hire a taxi and pay approximately 150 Dirhams for the meter fare.

Contact Information

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa
Telephone Number: +971 4 8096100
Fax Number: +971 4 8326698
Email: BAS.Reservations@meydanhotels.com
Website: meydanhotels.com/babalshams
Address: PO Box 8168 Al Qudra Road, Dubai, UAE

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