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Have you ever had a tour within the museums of Dubai or any parts of the UAE? If you haven’t, this is your time to start exploring the beauty of Dubai while learning their culture and traditions. According to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, the Etihad Museum (BOOK HERE) tells the story of the Founding Fathers and their journey in the country of UAE. This just means that this museum is more than just an attraction, it represents a portion of the history of Dubai and UAE.

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Bringing your family and friends here will not only give you an educational trip, but also this place will also teach everyone how important it is to see the representation of the city. This destination is very accessible to anyone who wishes to visit the place. it is located along Route D94 or the Jumeirah Road. Here’s more information if you wish to book a ticket to Etihad Museum.

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Etihad Museum Unifying
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Etihad Museum Guest Place
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If you are wondering what’s inside the museum, here it is. The Etihad Museum is actually a host to different videos, photographs, and interactive displays. You can watch information videos about the history of the country, find artifacts that came from its original founding fathers and follow an interactive timeline showcasing how the nation was found.

There is also a very comfortable library where you can browse photography books, a stunning garden where tourists can walk around and a café offering different kinds of delicacies like camel milk ice cream.

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Etihad Museum Auditorium
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At least 3 hours should be spent exploring the museum. There is no official souvenir shop built in the museum yet. However, the Seven Stands café located on the 3rd floor of the museum sells delicious sweets that can be brought home.

You are free to take pictures inside this tourist spot as a remembrance that you have been here. There are a lot of ways where you can bring home gifts and souvenirs.

Etihad Museum Library
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Etihad Museum Gift Shop
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What To Expect

The museum is big so expect that you will spend hours to explore the whole place.
The museum has three integral parts—the Union House, the Guest House, and the Visitor’s Pavilion.
There are staff who can assist you if you ever get lost inside.

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Etihad Museum One Nation
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Etihad Museum Exhibit
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Video: Etihad Museum

Check out this video of Etihad Museum and what you can expect from this place.

Contact Information

Etihad Museum – BOOK HERE
Address: 2nd Street of December, Jumeirah 1, Dubai
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Google Map

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