5 Reasons for Dubai Expats to Get Married in Seychelles

Expat couples who plan to get married in Dubai may have some challenges in terms of securing documents from both parties especially if the bride and groom have different nationalities and religions. If you are not able to marry in your country of residence because of difficult requirements, one of the best options for you is to fly to Seychelles and have a beach wedding.

Why Have a Beach Wedding in Seychelles?

Seychelles is a group of islands situated in East Africa and you can easily book an Emirates airline flight as they fly to Mahe island (in Seychelles) on a daily basis. Here are 5 reasons why this is a great wedding destination for Dubai Residents.

Note: Please be advised that this option is great for couples who want an intimate wedding set-up and a quick & easy ceremony.

wedding seychelles

1. Seychelles is Visa-Free – It’s only a 4-hour flight from Dubai and there are no visa requirements whatever your nationality is. You just need to show your hotel reservation, return ticket, and sufficient funds (around 100 USD per day) for the duration of your stay.

2. Beautiful Beach Wedding – You can marry on a beach and have your honeymoon at the same time. Seychelles is a popular honeymoon destination. There are many hotels available in the islands. So you can actually have the wedding ceremony and a quick island getaway. Also, you can choose to marry on a beach/island of your choice or even on a yacht.

seychelles beach wedding

3. Less Paperwork (Really!) – One of the major factors why you should get married in Seychelles is that it involves extremely minimal paperwork requirements. The only requirements they need are:

  • Photocopies of Passport (Bride and Groom)
  • Photocopies of Birth Certificate
  • Photocopy of Divorce Certificate (if you are divorced)

You can send scanned copies of these documents prior to your arrival in the island. No need to fill out other forms.

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4. Fast & Convenient Service – The wedding organizers will do everything for you. You can have a wedding 11 days before the event. Airport-transfers, hotel bookings, and other preparations can be communicated via email. Also, you can get the marriage certificates in 2 business days.

5. Valid Marriage Certificate – The marriage will be recognized worldwide. As a resident of Dubai or other Middle Eastern countries, you can get the “Attested Marriage Documents” package so that you can present papers which will be legally accepted by UAE authorities.

seychelles wedding from dubai

A marriage in Seychelles is most likely the best option for expat couples who don’t have much time to organize a wedding.  It is only a few hours (by plane) from Dubai and you can celebrate an easy and hassle-free wedding that’s also recognized worldwide.

One of our recommended organizers is Wedding in Seychelles. They are a professional and friendly staff that have already organized numerous expat weddings. You can check their contact details below:

Best Wedding in Seychelles Organizer
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9 thoughts on “5 Reasons for Dubai Expats to Get Married in Seychelles”

  1. Hi!question after the wedding, ho can u register the wedding in the philippines? Thanks! I am an OFW in Qatar

    • Hi, in order o register it in Philippine records, you need to submit a “Report of Marriage” to the nearest embassy where the wedding was held.. in this case, it’s in Kenya. In our case, our wedding organizer had an option that they will do it for us (at an additional fee). This took some time to process (months) but they were able to do it. Just make sure you mention this to your organizers.

      • are they legitimate and are they for real? can’t I just take it to the philippines embassy in uae and register a report of marriage there?

        • Hi Kieth, based on our inquiry, if you are from the Philippines, you have to report where you got married in the nearest PH embassy — in this case in PH Embassy in Kenya. Yes, I am Filipino and my wife is a Filipina, and it is legit.

          It took time to process the report of marriage (due to the PH embassy in Kenya), but we are glad that our wedding service company was the one who handled it all (with extra fee).

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