27 Incredible Photos of Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai

How much of an adventurer is the Crown Prince of Dubai? Fazza, meaning “the courageous” is the pen name of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum which he uses in his poetry. Evident from his Instagram account with over 4.3 Million followers, you will notice how much of a daredevil and thrill-seeker he is.

He is doing a great job in promoting the city and residents in the emirate are regular sharers of news from his social media feeds. Here we post some of his photos in the gallery below. We might be adding more photos in the future but here’s what we picked are his incredible shots.

photos of sheikh hamdan crown prince of dubai

Amazing Photos from Sheikh Hamdan’s Instagram Account | Prince Fazza | Faz3

Sheikh Hamdan graduated from Sandhurst Royal Military Academy and also attended the London School of Economics and Political Science. In Dubai, he is very active in promoting  the city (one of his projects is the social media initiative #MyDubai). He also loves fitness, sports and adventures.

Check out his Instagram account under @faz3. We’re sharing some of his photos that prove how much the prince loves to be outdoors. Come and take a look at the photo gallery below. We hope that you will find inspiration from his adventures and be amazed at the wonder city that he (and the rest of the Dubai community) has promoted.


Jumping off a plane is just one of his many hobbies. Fancy skydiving in Dubai? Check out SkyDive Dubai.

#mydubai @skydive_dubai

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

Spearfishing. The prince waiting for fishes to catch.

So far no catch and still waiting…

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

The prince on a board hovering over the water.


A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

The prince is active in various sports and is an advocate for fitness.

Here’s the Prince having fun swimming with his new found elephant friend Rajan in India.

#India meet my new friend ??? Rajan

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

In a horseback riding competition with one of his horses named Napoli, he leaves us with his beautiful quote “Some are born champions, others become champions along the way.” as he takes care of his beloved comrade.

He is also a photography enthusiast – on a helicopter taking pictures of Dubai.

Shooting Dubai from above #mydubai #Dubai

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

In Uzbekistan

#Uzbekistan #Canon5ds 11.10.2015

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

Riding a camel

#mydubai 31.3.2014

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on


2.1.2015 ?

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

Joining a Spartan Race obstacle challenge

@x_dubai #xdubai #spartanrace 20.2.2015

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

Jumping off a plane… again.

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

Dogsledding in Canada

#Whistler #Canada #Dogsledding 29.4.2014

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

Always having the country in mind, every time he conquers another challenge and dedicates it to the people of the UAE as he waves the flag.

He sweats out the cold by trekking on glaciers.

Taken by @ali_essa1 #glacier 19.5.2015

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

With a beautiful black horse

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

In all his patient tours underwater when fishing, he finally catches one!

On a snowmobile Looks like an action hero in movies eh?

#Whistler 29.4.2014

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

Playing basketball, he is active in creating community initiatives.

لعبنا اليوم مباراة ودية مع إخوتنا من منتخب الإمارات لذوي الإعاقة لكرة السلة تفعيلاً لمبادرة مجتمعي مكان للجميع .. ذوو الإعاقة متى أتيحت لهم الفرص فإنهم قادرون على تحدي الإعاقة وعلى الإنجاز تماماً كأي فرد في المجتمع .. ما واجهه فريقنا اليوم لا يعدو كونه لمحة بسيطة عما يضطر لمواجهته كل يوم إخوةٌ لنا، لا يختلفون عنا في شيء .. إن ما يحققونه كل يوم هو مصدر إلهام لي؛ إنهم بحق قدوتنا في الإصرار وتحقيق الإنجازات،هم فرسان الإرادة. Today we played a friendly basketball match with the UAE Special Needs Team as part of the #mycommunity initiative. When people with special needs are given the chance, they rise above their disability & achieve & excel like everyone else. What our team faced today is but a fraction of what our brothers, who are no different to us, experience every day. Their daily achievements are an inspiration to me, as they show us what sheer willpower and persistence can achieve

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

Taking care of a falcon


A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

Admiring the beautiful view

Climbing mountains

Adventure for a nice photo

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

Selfie over The Palm islands

#Skydive #Dubai #Thepalm

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

On a helicopter taking photographs

Shooting from above ? taken by @Ali_bin_thalith ?thank you #Tanzania

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

One cannot deny how much of a daredevil he is.


A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

Hamdan, wingwalks over Dubai.

Good morning ? #Mydubai صباح الخير

A photo posted by Fazza (@faz3) on

A selfie on top of the tallest skyscraper in the world, after Dubai won the bid to host the World Expo 2020

Note: Photos posted are taken from his IG account.


In land, on air or under water, he has a passion for the extreme stuff and is definitely a thrill-seeker. We hope these images help in inspiring you to head outdoors or do something worthwhile. It’s also great to know that despite being part of royalty, he is not posting too many photos showing luxury or extravagance. Although some of these sports and hobbies are expensive, it’s the message of having an active lifestyle and doing something great that resonates in these pictures.

If ever you’re looking for ideas on what to do, you can try and check out Sheikh Hamdan’s Instagram account – instagram.com/faz3/


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