The Emirates ICE Inflight Entertainment Experience

We recently had a trip from Dubai to Bali via Emirates airlines and I was amazed by the plane’s in-flight entertainment called ICE. ICE stands for Information, CommunicationEntertainment. This is an award-winning media system that keeps passengers busy during the flight through news, movies, tv shows, music and podcasts, games, etc. You will never get bored during the flight because of the wide collection offerings that are regularly updated.

emirates plane

inside the aircraft

Award Winning ICE System: Information, Communication Entertainment

It was a long 10-hour flight in Economy seats. I brought my laptop just so I could start blogging offline and get some work done. But upon checking the in-flight entertainment system of the plane, I was amazed by its features and specifications. The size of the screen is 13.3 inches and there are plenty of options for you to choose from. This is great news for the traveller who thinks he’ll get bored in the plane, because you surely won’t.

In a brief overview, here’s what you can expect from each of the features of ICE.

  • Information: You can check the status of the flight and get a live view of the outside from the airplane’s external cameras.
  • Communication: You can send emails, text messages, or even make phone calls while in the air!
  • Entertainment: You can browse through thousands of movies, shows, music albums, etc. from different themes and genres.

emirates plane clouds

taking off, it was cloudy morning

Photos of Emirates Inflight Entertainment

With the Emirates Inflight Entertainment, you can also charge your phone and other devices via charging outlets, right on the seat itself. The 10-hour flight didn’t seem long at all, I got to watch a full season (16 episodes) of The Walking Dead, and  a high-definition quality of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. It was such a blast!

Here are some photos on what you can expect from this amazing in-flight experience. Take note that this is in the Economy class. Business Class and First Class, for sure have bigger screens.


emirates ICE system dubaiWelcome to ice!
13.3 inch screen!

console ice system emirates
the handset console with so many cool functions!
Didn’t get to use this much as I was already satisfied with the touch screen device.

emirates headsetHeadphones that cancel noise. Every seat has one.

emirates inflight entertainment charging outletElectrical outlet and USB slot to plug in your mobile devices


emirates inflight systemInformation – You can check the status of your flight real-time

ICE inflight system emirates
Travel information about Dubai – helpful travel guide

camera plane view emirates
A real-time view from the a camera attached on the plane’s exterior, that’s the blue water in the big screen. You can simply check the flight status by yourself.


emirates flight entertainment
Send a text message or Email directly from the TV screen!

emirates ice system
The back of the handset device, there is a slot where you can swipe your credit card. You can use this when you make phone calls or send text messages.

emirates airline inflight systemYou can listen or view files from your own devices, just plug it in the USB slot.


Emirates airlines entertainmentEmirates – pick your entertainment

ICE system emirates
Plenty of options for movies, TV shows (complete season episodes, music albums, podcasts, etc.)

the martian emirates movie
Full movie – The Martian

emirates flight clouds
view from the window.


I had fun taking pictures of the Emirates in-flight system. I might share my experience of their great food service next time.

Video of the ICE system

Aside from the photos, here’s a short video review of the ICE system and what you can expect from it. Pardon the unprofessional editing, I’m not good at editing videos. 🙂

Flying with Emirates has never been this cool with the amazing facilities provided to their passengers. I look forward to flying more with this airline. I won’t have to worry about getting bored in the flight because of how awesome the experience is.

11 thoughts on “The Emirates ICE Inflight Entertainment Experience”

  1. hi, I’ve also used Emirates before and have been stunned by the ice. Do you happen to know who produces it, Emirates or a third company?

  2. Hi – do you have any information on what devices and file formats (video especially) are compatible with the ICE system – in terms of connecting your own USB device to play your own media?


    • Hi Sputnik84, thanks for the question. I’m not entirely sure which media file formats are available. I never thought about playing my own media into the ICE system. I’ve only thought about using the USB ports for ‘charging’.

  3. Hello,

    I have tried Emirates before in economy and business but it leaves a lot to be desired. On a flight 2 years ago my wife asked for a blanket which was not provided despite 4 requests! Business in A380 is good but cant say the same about 777.
    Also last week I was enquiring a fare for 4 Business tickets to JFK and returning via AMS but was rudely told that I have to make my arrangements for JFK to AMS since they dont fly direct there. I think they have met their targets for the whole of 2019 already and dont care …they do not want to even calculate a fare for me in business. Wonder how they must be treating economy classes. I am now flying Air France who are more professional.

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