10 Things to Do in Cyprus

Cyprus is only four hours flight from Dubai and other GCC countries and offers a great relaxing getaway for families and friends who want to escape the summer heat. There are flights from Dubai to Larnaca (Cyprus) via Emirates so if you wish to experience a diverse set of activities without worrying about seasonal conditions, then this is a place that you can consider in writing down in your travel destinations beyond Dubai.

Hailed as the third largest island of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, you won’t run out of travel destinations to pick from thanks to the islands and great abundance of nature’s blessing and historical records. And as the island is a counted member of the European Union, European and GCC travelers alike will find this as a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

visit cyprus Top Activities when You Visit Cyprus

In case you’re wondering what you can do in Cyprus, here are a few things worth noting.

1. Visit two travel destinations at the same time

Five minutes after touching down from Larnaca Airport you can immediately be greeted by two travel spots for you to visit. The first one is the Hala Sultan Mosque, also known as the largest mosque in Cyprus it is also a momentous figure bearing a historical background.

The second one which is just around the corner from the Hala Sultan Mosque is the Larnaca Salt Lake, a breathtaking scene which is positively a view worthy of being added to your Instagram travel stories. And if you’re planning to book your vacation around December for a little Christmas vacation, then you can even catch a flock of pink flamingos around here.

Hala Sultan Mosque

2. Chill at the Mediterranean Sea

Ayia Napa Nissi Beach is a popular destination for those who love to indulge in the sun and experience a series of water sports activities.

But for those who wish to chill and relax along the beach’s coastline, you won’t be bored out by the music played at beach parties held every day.

And if ever you and your friends would like to share some drinks, the multitude of bars and restaurants found scattered around the beach will answer your needs.

3. A tour in an Aristocrats tomb

Visit the array of Unesco World Heritage Sites which features the Tomb of the Kings in Paphos. Here lies people – or more specifically Aristocrats, who existed before the 3 A.D.

Some might expect that this place will seem depressing, as it is a resting place. But with the grandiose tomb adorned with stunning designs, touring the area won’t make anyone feel down despite it being a grave.

4. Learn the secret of a staple dish

Halloumi is known within the Middle East and also plays a part as a traditional food of the Arabs. But Cyprus has taken the dish and put their own touch on it, which is now a staple within Cyprus.

And for those who are curious about the locals own twist with the Halloumi Cheese, you can learn them through signing up in a Halloumi making class, found within the Pera Orinis village which is relatively close to Nicosia.

5. Fun Evening Parties

If your group are a fan of parties, then, Ayia Napa is a place you should consider to visit. The Ayia Napa Square features different international DJ’s taking over the music of the parties which last until the wee hours so you won’t need to worry about dancing the night away.

6. Be blessed by the Goddess Aphrodite

For those who are a fan of Greek mythologies and the stories that surround it, then this coastal town of Pafos will be for you. This is the place where you can find the Petra tou Ramiou, which is rumored to be the place where you can receive the blessing of eternal youth, love, and beauty.

This claim follows the legend of how Aphrodite – the Goddess of the aforementioned attributes is born from the waves. Thus, rumors say that if you swim around the rocks for three times then you will receive the three things which Aphrodite rules over.

7. Meet with the fishes of the Mediterranean Sea

If you wish to experience firsthand the aquatic life, then snorkeling through the waters of Cape Greco will be one way to achieve that dream.

Once tired you can take some time to soak in the sun along the beach’s coastline, or if ever you’re good to go again then you can visit the sea caves for a whole new other experience.

8. Dive in the clear waters of Blue Lagoon

Experience cruising the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon found in Akamas Peninsula through riding a boat from Latchi.

The pellucid water, which makes viewing the bottom of the seabed effortless can leave anyone astounded. With the scene rolling in nature’s beauty, you’ll surely be taking home a myriad of pictures for you to cherish or to post for Instagram.

But aside from capturing the moment, the cream of the crop in this trip is to experience diving into the waters and swim around the clear waters.

9. Meet with the locals and taste their special delicacies

If looking for a souvenir shop then catch a variety of choices across the footfalls of Troodos Mountains. Aside from being able to visit the mountains itself, tasting delicacies and seeing the specialties of each village will be one of its highlights.

And in able to maximize time and energy, it is advised to hire a car to go around the villages.

10. Be one with nature.

With a forest stretching for about 3 kilometers, it will usually take two hours for a person to reach the Caledonia waterfall. But despite the lengthy travel time, the picturesque place will charm people to walk, plus the trail is suitable for anyone.

But for those who couldn’t wait to reach their destination, there’s also an option of taking a 20-minute shortcut towards the stunning 12-foot dive of Caledonia waterfall.

Cyprus is the 3rd largest island in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. The country is a member of the European Union (EU) and it presents a vast history, nature and culture for international travellers. Tourists can also experience a variety of adventures, nature trips, cultural tours, and relaxing retreats any day of the year.

To learn more about Cyprus, visit www.visitcyprus.com
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