Eid Al Adha Break on September 2015

Will there be a long holiday break on September? It’s not yet final, but according to a report by Emirates 24/7, there is a likely chance of a total of 5 day-break for Dubai residents in September to celebrate the Eid Al Adha feast.

The break is from September 22 (Tuesday) until September 24 (Thursday), and when combined with the September 25-26 weekend, it’s surely a long holiday for residents from 22-25.

eid al adha uae

Eid Al Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice)

This is a welcome news for UAE residents since this year’s end of Ramadan in July, private sector employees did not have any ‘extra’ break as the holiday fell on a weekend. The whole set-up is not yet final as the schedule of the feast depends on the sighting of the moon, based on the Islamic calendar.

Let this just be a tip to inform you about the possible long weekend break that everybody is looking forward to experiencing. We will keep you posted once an official announcement has been made as the date draws nearer.

Where are you planning to go should this holiday take effect? Five days is more than enough to go on a quick vacation out of town! Might try to think about the places you can visit or what you’re planning ot do to make the most of the leave.


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