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Our technology today is vastly advancing, which means more and more innovative ways of entertainment are emerging. One great example is the VR Park (BOOK HERE) located on the 2nd floor of Dubai Mall. This attraction is one of the most exciting places to visit here in the city. Wondering why? It is because even if you are indoor, you can still experience the most thrilling activities you can do when you are in the If you are planning to visit Dubai, now is your chance to go to this famous destination.

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The experiences here in VR Park include the Dune Bash, Hologate, Holocube, VR Maze, Sphere, Virtual Rabbids, We Play, Drifters, Sports, Stealth, Robocom VR, Burj Drop, Robocom, Arena AR1, Paradrop, XD Dark Side, and Dubai Drone. For sure, your virtual reality dreams would be alive once you enter this place. At least 4 hours of multi-sensory virtual experiences can be spent in VR Park and if you are interested, here’s additional information you can use as your guide.

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VR Park Dubai Drive
Image Credit: VR Park Dubai FB Page
VR Park Dubai
Image Credit: VR Park Dubai FB Page

Buy Tickets to VR Park Online

Skip the line and buy your tickets to VR Park Online without hassle. Experience the most adventurous activities inside the 70,000 square meters Dubai Mall. You can try blowing up zombies, parachuting, robbing a bank, and more physical actions that you can do outside the walls of the mall.

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VR Park Dubai Seat
Image Credit: VR Park Dubai FB Page
VR Park Dubai Arcade Station
Image Credit: VR Park Dubai FB Page

Advance to 2050 and watch as Dubai Population moves around in your drone taxi.  Yes, it is no ordinary drone since you will experience riding a cab while observing the rest of the environment when you try out Dubai Drone. You don’t have to get sandy feet when you take the Dune Bash.

Meet with different desert animals such as camels, snakes, spiders, and scorpions. Hologate gets even more exciting as you face a fascinating world together with your friends. In this game, you will be able to fight robots, kill dragons and zombies, and many more.

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VR Park Dubai Pilot
Image Credit: VR Park Dubai FB Page

The Holocube will mold your single player skills, from playing as a fruit ninja to being a space pirate trainee. More fun and interactive activities are available when you play this type of game.

VR Maze is another wild game that will make you think if you’re playing the real or the virtual world. And if you have experienced riding a roller coater already, ready yourself as you ride a Sphere—the world’s first 3 Axis Turning Virtual Reality Simulator.

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VR Park Dubai First Person Shooter
Image Credit: VR Park Dubai FB Page

What To Expect

  • There are a lot of activities to try. It is recommended that you a lot more time so you can enjoy what VR Park can offer.
  • VR Park is in the most convenient place in Dubai—the Dubai Mall. You don’t have to worry about your food as there are a couple of restaurants and cafes in the mall.
  • Tickets can be availed through smartphones or instant delivery.

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VR Park Dubai Robocom
Image Credit: VR Park Dubai FB Page

Video: VR Park Dubai

Check out this video of VR Park Dubai and what you can expect from this tour.

Contact Information

VR Park Dubai (BOOK HERE)
Address: The Dubai Mall – Financial Center Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Google Map

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