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In the heart of downtown Dubai, you will find one of the best places for kids—KidZania Dubai (BOOK HERE). Located in The Dubai Mall, this is one of the tourist attractions that is made to present a kid-sized mini-city packed with buildings, vehicles, paves streets, offices, and even familiar shops.

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If you are looking for a place where your children can play games and do activities that can have a positive impact in their lives while they are growing up, Kidzania will never fail you. Read more of this article for useful guides.

Children will have their time trying out jobs they are curious about in Kidzania. They can be whoever they want to be in this place. They can be a store clerk, a doctor, a chef, a mechanic, an engineer, and over 80 other professions.

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It’s a good thing that an attraction like this exists for kids for the wellness of their being. Apart from enjoying, they can also learn life in general even if it’s just a role play. The exposure is good because children learn slowly as they interact with other kids in the play space.

Kidzania offers different activities for kids, hosts promotions and events, and accept birthday parties.

Under the activities section, kids can play over 80 real-life professions. There are sections for Education, Entertainment, Food & Beverages, Health, Industry, Media, Retail, Services, Transportation, and Games. You can discover the potential of your kids by letting them try out some or all of these sections.

Buy Tickets To Kidzania Dubai

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Image: KidZania Dubai FB Page

In the Education section, there is a so-called University where participants are prepared for higher education to give them the chance to get the degree they want. They can get a degree for being a doctor, teacher, cook and many more. This section also has a specialist training or the Acting Academy to provide children an overview of different roles while building their communication and confidence levels.

In the Entertainment section, kids step on stage at the Metropolitan Theatre of Kidzania to hosts variety shows throughout the day. They also have the chance to dance in the Flik Flak City Clock every hour. The VR Secret Agent Training makes little James Bond fans become spies themselves. The Games Room is packed with football and billiards table so children can make friends easily.

Buy Tickets To Kidzania Dubai

Image: KidZania Dubai FB Page

Buy Tickets To Kidzania Dubai

What To Expect

  • If kids enjoy the place, they can do most or all of the activities they want for the whole day.
  • This place is an educational environment mixed with fun and entertainment.
  • Tickets can be availed through delivery or smartphones.

Video: Kidzania

Check out this video of Kidzania and what you can expect from this tour.

Contact Information

Kid Zania Dubai – BOOK HERE
Address: Financial Center Road, Dubai
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Google Map

Below you can check a map guide on how to get to Kidzania Dubai