9 Tips When Shopping during GITEX Shopper in Dubai

Gitex Shopper is an annual event in Dubai that celebrates all things IT. This is the biggest shopping event for gadget and technology in the MENA region and happens once a year. Prices of laptops, smartphones, TVs,  cameras, tablets, home appliances and IT products drop and various brands like HP, Sony, Toshiba, LG, Samsung, etc. participate in this event.

GITEX Means “Gulf Information Technology Exhibition”

Gitex shopper season happens during Autumn (every September or October) and various discounts and special offers are given to customers. Sometimes, they have an ‘hourly offer’ where they slash off a big chunk from the original price of a specific item. They also have raffle giveaways, trade-in deals, exhibits, and so much more. It’s quite a fun spectacle especially if you are into gadgets.

GITEX Shopper 2021
Date: October 26-30, 2021
Location: Sheikh Saeed Halls – DWTC

Update: Based on the website and social media pages of Gitex Shopper, it seems that the new Gitex Shopper even is coming in 2022. As an expat based in Dubai, I’ve noticed there have been Gitex Shopper events in the past couple of years that have been cancelled. So if you wish to get updates from the organizers, you may visit their website for information – www.gitexshopperdubai.com.

Please do take note that you can still enjoy discounted prices in leading stores for gadgets, computers, cellphones, etc. – you may visit these recommended stores in Dubai and compare the prices:

  • Sharaf DG
  • JUMBO Electronics
  • E-CITY
  • Jacky’s Electronics
  • E-Max
  • Lulu Hypermarket
  • Carrefour Supermarket

gitex-shopper-festival tips

Guide to Dubai’s GITEX Shopper Gadget & Technology Festival 2021

The location is held at the Dubai World Trade Center (near DWTC metro station). If you are new to this event, you might wonder what to expect. I bought my Fujifilm camera during this festival and I was amazed at the huge discount that I got out of that purchase. To make the most of your shopping, here are a few tips to consider when participating in GITEX.

1. Buy Tickets in Advance.

Entrance Fees to GITEX can be purchased in selected convenience shops and Dubai metro stations. It helps when you buy the tickets in these areas to avoid the long queue at the ticket booth. The last time we checked tickets cost 30 AED per person.

2. Take the Dubai Metro.

Thousands of people visit the World Trade Center every day and that means a problem when searching for parking space (especially on weekends). The most convenient way to arrive is by taking the metro. The metro might also be crowded but you won’t have to worry about where to park your car.

gitex shopping festival

3. Be prepared for the crowd.

Psyche yourself that at times, you might not be able to move fast from one shop to another because there are just so many people. So if you’re thinking of going to the toilet, maybe prepare yourself ahead of time, before entering the exhibition hall. If you don’t have the time or patience, it would be best to skip it.

4. Know What You’re Buying Beforehand.

It’s good to know what you plan on buying so as not to lose focus and get tempted to purchase other types of gadgets outside your budget. But if you have the time and money, then take your time and spend as you please.

dubai gitex shopper

5. Explore other Shops.

Try to explore other shops and see what discounts they offer for the item you are purchasing. The staff are more than willing to help and you can ask them what deals come with that gadget. You can even compare their deals with other shop deals so they might be able to sweeten their offer to match the price and package.

6. Research the Gadget Online.

Do some research prior to arriving at the DWTC so you can compare the regular prices and know the actual specs and prices by yourself. The staff of each shop is helpful, but it is still best to have your own set of gadget requirements so the staff can match your requirements with their available gadgets.

7. Learn to Haggle.

Remember that this is a trade show of gadgets. There are plenty of deals and bundled packages. If you cannot haggle the price, you can haggle the freebies. For example, a brand new laptop will have some freebies like storage hard drives, virus protection, speakers, bag, mouse, etc.). If there’s a freebie you don’t like, try asking the staff if you can exchange the storage hard drive and bag for a headset. These staff will ask their supervisors if it’s doable and might give your offer a go.

dubai gitex blackberry

8. Check out shops in the malls.

Malls in Dubai also offer Gitex promotions. If you are too tired to battle the GITEX crowd at DWTC, you can simply buy the gadget in Carrefour, Sharaf DG, Jumbo, Emax, Jacky’s, E-City, and other electronic shops in Dubai. Take note that you can still get a better offer at Gitex since the prices of gadgets can drop at certain hours.

9. Enjoy the noise.

Given that there are so many shops and brands,  each booth is bound to come up with its own technique to draw customers in. Hourly raffle promos, loud music, singing, and dancing, contests, etc. The mood is very festive so enjoy the marketplace as this only happens once a year.

uae gitex shopper


Here are just a few tips to make your Gitex Shopper event easier. Good to know these things so you know what to expect. This is a great event and really something that a lot of residents look forward to just because there are exclusive offers and amazing packages bundled together.

Even if there’s an entrance fee to the exhibition, you will still find huge discounts on these packages especially the ones that have plenty of add-ons. We hope you find these insights helpful as you try to shop at Gitex for the first time. Enjoy the madness but learn to spend wisely as well. Happy shopping!

How to Get There via Public Transport

In order to get to the trade halls via Dubai public transport, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Ride the Dubai Metro
  2. Stop at Dubai World Trade Center station – Red Line.
  3. Take the Exit and Walk towards the DWTC.

You will find plenty of people outside with shopping bags and shopping carts as they’ve already made their purchases. 🙂

Contact Information

Address: Sheikh Saeed Halls, Dubai World Trade Centre
Website: https://www.gitexshopperdubai.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GITEXShopperDubai/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gitexshopper/

Google Map Location of DWTC

Below is a map location to give you directions on getting to the Dubai World Trade Centre where this Gitex shopper festival is held.

Do you have some tips to share? Let us know in the comment section below. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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