Video: XDubai Flying through Towers in Dubai Marina

Ever wondered what it’s like to zoom through the concrete jungle of Dubai? If you’re a fan of superhero movies, the scenes in this video from XDubai, will fill you in with all those feels you’ve had in the movie house when your favourite heroes jump off tall buildings and travel at superfast speeds… but this is a bit different because there are no special effects rendered, only heart-racing stunts performed by the guys who were featured to fly through the towers in Dubai Marina on their wing suits.

In the video, watch these four thrill-seeking stuntmen (Micah Couch, Noah Bahnson, Julian Boulle, and Greg Shelton) take flight and zoom through these manmade mountains at an insane speed and thousands of feet off the ground.

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wingsuits dubai marina xdubai
Image Credit: YouTube | XDubai
dubai marina xdubai
Image Credit: YouTube | XDubai

XDubai Wing Suit Adventure in Dubai Marina’s Vertical Maze Buildings

If you’ve ever been to Dubai, the sight of towering buildings such as the Marina Towers should be enough for most people to gasp and stare in awe. Now, imagine that, with a couple of guys flying through those tall towers, which XDubai has even labelled as the “Vertical Maze” for their high-altitude structural designs and mountain-like heights as well as their proximity to each other which kind of gives off a bird’s eye view of a maze or a labyrinth of some sort.

The challenge posed by flying in this type of environment is to find your way out of the “vertical maze” without crashing into any of the concrete buildings or into any of your fellow flyers, while managing to pull off some synchronized stunts with only a few seconds to spare considering the speed of your flight or crash.

Here is a YouTube video of four stuntmen on an extreme wing suit adventure in Dubai Marina:

Crazy, right? But just look at how amazing the experience must’ve been as it was caught on video and you know how much fun it was when you hear these experienced stuntmen giggle and scream out for joy after the activity has ended.

With the various opportunities presented by creative (and extreme) events groups such as XDubai, flying is no longer a dream that you can imagine or visit in your sleep. But given the opportunity as with the guys on the video, would you consider taking the challenge and fly through the vertical maze? Why and at what cost? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Dubai Marina Towers
Image Credit: YouTube | XDubai
xdubai wingsuits dubai marina
Image Credit: YouTube | XDubai


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