Full List of Rides at the Carnaval in Global Village

There are plenty of great places to visit when you’re in Dubai. Aside from the awesome architectural design of most establishments in the emirate particularly the towering presence of the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab, the Dubai Frame, and many others, there’s also the Dubai Global Village, which hosts lots of fun and exciting attractions for both residents and tourists to see. What’s best about it is that there’s something for everyone on-site regardless of your age!

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And if you’re planning to bring your family or friends with you for a fun and exciting weekend or evening, you can visit the Global Village and check out The Carnaval, which has some of the most thrilling and family-friendly amusement facilities in the emirate. In this post, we will look at all the fun and family-friendly rides at The Carnaval in Global Village. So take down notes and get ready to for its reopening very soon!

exciting rides at carnaval global village

32 Rides to Try Out With a Group or Your Family at the Carnaval in Global Village, Dubai

Aside from the 25 pavilions that represent 75 countries, the Global Village also has The Carnaval, which features a variety of rides, activities, and experiences that are great for groups and the entire family. There are 31 rides, 25 skill games, as well as over a hundred arcade games you can choose from!

If you’ve never been to The Carnaval in the Global Village in Dubai, then you should know that the place is unlike any other because of the modern and exciting attractions that you get to enjoy as much as you want. That said, you get to choose only the rides that you want to get on and pay for these instead of paying a ‘daily theme park fee,’ which is quite expensive if you’re tagging the whole family along. After all, less money spent means more fun, right? Parents can definitely agree with this.

Extreme Rides at the Carnaval in Global Village Will Make You Scream Your Lungs Out

After you’ve made the proper arrangements for your visit, here are some of the extreme rides that you ought to try at least once in your lifetime. Take your pick in the list below:

1. Athens Slingshot

Remember those slingshot games you used to play as a kid? That’s pretty much the same concept used in this thrilling ride, only this time, you get to be the “stone”. Basically, what you can expect in this ride is that you will be catapulted into the sky at exhilarating speeds. Talk about being a “speed junkie”. That said, you need to stand at least 1.4 meters high to be allowed in this ride, which can seat two guests at a time.

2. Fly France

Here’s another spectacular aerial ride for those who dream of being a pilot or would like to feel the wind sharply blowing against their faces. In Fly France, you get to look like a pilot in your ride performing crazy glides and flips in mid-air. However, to be allowed to get on this ride, you need to be at least 1.25 meters high and fall within a maximum chest restriction of 129.5 centimetres. Other than that, be ready to feel the wind in your hair, commander!

3. Global Burj

There’s something about heights that make most people quiver in fear while others find amazing and would relentlessly give it a go. If you can identify with the latter, then be ready to take on the tallest drop tower ride in the region! At 85 meters high, the Global Burj is definitely not something for the faint of heart as it will provide that unforgettable freefall experience like no other! If you measure at least 1.4 meters tall and your chest falls within the maximum chest restriction of 129.5 centimetres, and consider yourself an adrenaline junkie, then you most definitely should give this one a go.

4. Honolo Loop

If you want to experience what extreme vertigo feels like, then there’s nothing closer to this feeling than by getting on the Honolo-loop! Reaching a spectacular height of 63 meters off the ground while spinning at full speed ‘till you reach the top will absolutely make no sense if you’re not in it for the thrill, yes? But this is what one of the most thrilling rides at the Global Village can offer. You just need to be at least 1.4 meters tall to get on this ride that can seat up to 20 guests at a time.

5. Jamaica Drum

What comes to your mind when you think of Jamaica? Probably not the beads inside the maracas, which is probably what you’ll feel closest to when you get on this ride. That’s right, imagine being shaken up at intense speed, spinning, falling, and getting flipped over – all at the same time! This is to say that this is another ride that’s not just for the weak of heart, but also for a weak stomach. The Jamaica Drum can seat up to 24 guests at a time, but you need to be at least 1.3 meters tall to be allowed to go.

6. London Loop

If fast rides are your thing, then head over to the insanely exciting London Loop! Running at exhilarating speeds in less than a minute, this ride is sure to make you lose your breath screaming. You shouldn’t close your eyes when you get on this ride as it’ll be very quick, and besides, the view can be quite fun to see, too. That is, if you can focus keeping still on your seat. That said, the London Loop can accommodate guests of all ages but you need to be at least 1.25 meters high to get on this ride.

7. Moscow Max

Ever wondered what a pendulum feels like? Perhaps the closest feeling would be getting on the Moscow Max – or not. This isn’t considered an extreme ride for nothing. If swinging side to side at crazy speeds doesn’t seem too thrilling for you, then catch this: your seat also rotates and revolves! That’s actually the “what a pendulum ball feels like” part.

8. Shang High

Still haven’t had enough of heights? Then consider getting on the Shang High. As cleverly as its name was coined, so can you expect a thrilling experience that’ll blow your mind! Get ready to reach a towering height of 85 meters while spinning in mid-air like a dandelion blown off by the wind, of course, with safety harnesses. Don’t be fooled by its flimsy-looking harnesses though. You sure won’t be thinking this way once you’re seated and spun in mid-air!

Family-Friendly Rides to Try at the Carnaval in Global Village

If you’re looking for things to do with your entire family during your free time in the emirate, then these family-friendly attractions at The Carnaval in Global Village, Dubai are worth checking out. As mentioned, you don’t need to ride all of the attractions in this list since you only need to pay for what you want to get on. Here’s a short list of the Carnaval rides which are suited for all guests, both young and old:

9. Arabian Horse

Nothing’s more fun and chill than riding horses that keep going round and round on a carousel. While some may think that it’s less thrilling, the fact that both kids and adults can get on this ride without any fuss simply make it one of the more enjoyable family-friendly rides at The Carnaval. Whether you simply want to take a short breather from all the walking or visiting other intense attractions (see list above), getting comfortably seated on a no-fuss ride such as the Arabian Horse can be the best option to keep the kids busy and keep an eye on them, at the same time.  The ride can seat up to 58 guests at a time, and is designed for persons at least 1.1 meters in height.

10. New York Jump

If sitting on moving rides doesn’t cut it for you anymore, then consider bouncing off a huge trampoline park designed for guests of all ages. How’s that for an activity? The kids will love it and so will you! To be able to get on the New York Jump, you need to be at least 1.1 meters in height. Other than that, you’ll only rely on your stamina and knee strength to move around and to be able to catch up with the young ones – but imagine all the laughs you can share in doing so, not to mention all the calories you’ll burn too!

11. Mumbai Express

Craving for some adrenaline rush, but aren’t quite ready for the London Loop just yet? Then the Mumbai Express could just be the ride that you need. What’s great about this one too is that you can easily bring your kids with you on this ride to enjoy. This compact roller coaster ride will take you on a tour throughout the beautiful city of Mumbai. It can seat up to 16 guests at a time, and is designed for persons who are at least 1.2 meters tall.  Not only will you get the dose of adrenaline rush that you crave for, but you also get to enjoy sceneries you haven’t seen before!

12. Miami Surf

You may not agree with this, but for most people, amusement parks aren’t quite as memorable if you don’t get literally soaked up in water in some of their rides. Plus, this will be a good excuse to get a cool new shirt for a souvenir for the experience, right? Talk about a complete fun experience! That said, be sure to drop by the Miami Surf for a wet and laughter-soaked experience when in The Carnaval. You need to be at least 1.2 meters tall to get on this 240-meter river adventure ride.

13. Roaming Rome

Ever wondered what it feels like to hang on to a kite and glide through the air as freely as you want? If these thoughts have crossed your mind, then look no further as Roaming Rome will provide you with this fun and exciting experience! What’s great about this ride is that guests can control the vertical movement of the “kite” using a handle bar for that gliding and sweeping motion that matches the speed of the machine’s gear. This ride can accommodate up to 24 guests at a time – provided that they are at least 1.2 meters tall.

14. Cuban Dance

This Mexican-themed ride is perfect for large groups as guests are seated next to each other and are spun sideways. Kids and older guests will find this appropriately fun and exciting. The Cuban Dance can accommodate up to 12 guests at a time. And, of course, you need to be at least 1.3 meters tall to get on this ride.

15. Vroom UAE

Whether we admit or not, everybody loves getting on bumper cars. Aside from zooming through narrow curves and avoiding other drivers, the thrill of being chased down or chasing others never gets old. Vroom UAE can accommodate up to 48 guests at a time with their fleet of 20 cars you can choose from. This ride is perfect for kids and adults who like driving and high-speed chasing. Just remember to buckle up and to avoid getting rammed into a corner, but even if you do, just step on the gas and clear the way so you can join the others once again. The ride’s simplicity makes it one of the all-time favourites of guests in amusement parks.

16. Thai Twist

This mini version of the more intense ride, the Global Burj, stands at 17 meters tall, which is just perfect for the little ones and adults who aren’t quite ready yet for the extreme ride. Thai Twist can seat up to 12 guests at a time and are suitable for guests who are at least 1.3 meters in height. You can take this as a practice ride for the more extreme Global Burj – or not as the height of 17 meters is no joke, too. Needless to say, you are free to scream your lungs out, and it’s best to get on this ride on a relatively empty stomach, just to be on the safe side.

17. Wheel of the World

Towering at an impressive height of 60 meters, the Wheel of the World will give you a spectacular view of the Dubai skyline – perfect for sightseeing or taking pictures of the sceneries for your backdrop! You can also marvel at all the things you can see across the entire Global Village as well as the activities happening from the ground from a bird’s eye view.  And if you think only those who ride it will get to have fun, then you should know that guests waiting from the ground can also enjoy watching the stunning displays from a 50-meter LED screen.

Must-Try Kids Rides at the Carnaval Global Village

Are you planning to take out the kids for somewhere fun over the weekend or during the school break? Look no further! The Carnaval in Global Village has more than a handful of rides specifically designed for the little ones! Whether you’re bringing your toddler or school age kid, there’s a perfect ride they can get on without having your hairs fall off as you watch them have fun. Here’s a short list of them:

18. Texas Track

What comes to mind when you hear the word Texas? Perhaps images of dust tracks, the long open road to the Grand Canyon, rodeo, and cowboy bars make the top of your list. But these aren’t as common to the young ones as you would hope or want them to be. However, at the Carnaval, the kids can enjoy riding Formula cars, Jeeps, trucks, motorbikes, and other powerful vehicles – all running uphill (and downhill) across an exciting track with great sceneries to see on the side lines! The Texas Ride can accommodate up to 30 guests at a time, and is designed for young children who are at least 0.9 meters tall.

19. Seven Sea Pirate

Go on an exciting journey across Mumbai on this compact roller coaster with rotating seats. If you don’t think the pirate’s life is appropriate for your little ones, then maybe just a glimpse of the exciting sceneries of one of the liveliest cities in the world will make this ride worthwhile. The ride can accommodate up to 16 guests at a time, and is suitable for kids who are at least 0.95 meters in height, this pirate-themed ride is definitely a must-try!

20. Beijing Bungee

Who doesn’t like bouncing off a huge trampoline and going bungee jumping? The latter may be a bit too extreme for some people, but for kids – these are all fun and exciting. Combine those two and you get the Beijing Bungee! To get on this ride, your kid has to be at least 1 meter tall. With several platforms to play in, the Beijing Bungee can accommodate up to eight guests at a time.

21. Africa Land

There’s just so many things people like about Africa. For one, there’s the African safari where a huge variety of animals can be found in their natural habitat. But at the Carnaval, the young ones can appreciate wildlife later on because they’ll have to focus on getting up a huge inflatable slide area first then slide all the way down to do it all over again. It’s a great way to get them running around and letting them do what kids do! This area is open to kids who are at least 1.2 meters in height, and can accommodate up to 30 guests at a time.

22. California Highway

The California Highway combines eye-catching themed ride vehicles with a unique patent-pending interactive bouncing motion which the kids are sure to love. Buckle up with your kid and join in this exciting California ride like no other. The ride can accommodate up to 24 guests at a time. The minimum height requirement for the little ones to get on this ride is 1.2 meters.

23. Spania Boat

Go back to the time when conquistadors had the world at the palm of their hands. The huge Spanish-themed boat ride will take young guests for a swing, as if treading each side of the globe in a matter of a few seconds – to the point of feeling weightless as the ride goes higher and higher each time. The ride can accommodate up to 12 guests at a time, and is designed for kids who are at least 1.2 meters tall.

24. Swiss Swing

If you’ve seen the bigger, fiercer Shang-High ride, then you’d most likely think that this one’s the mini version – and you are right. But don’t think the kids aren’t going to have a fun time when they get on the “mini” Shang High ride, actually it’s best to see for yourself! The Swiss Swing can accommodate up to 20 guests at a time, and is designed for kids who are at least 1 meter in height.

25. Holland Wind Wheel

For mummies and daddies who aren’t fans of extreme heights, you can let the kids have their own feel of a good ‘ole themed park Ferris Wheel ride, the Holland Wind Wheel at the Carnaval. You can even join them too if you want. The ride features six balloon themed cabins with four seats each – perfect for a small family! The ride can accommodate up to 24 guests at a time and is designed for little ones who are at least 1.05 meters in height.

26. Bahrain Merhana

If you’d like to go on an easy ride with the kids, perhaps for picture-taking purposes, one of the best no-fuss rides for this would be the Bahrain Merhana ride at the Carnaval. The Bahrain Merhana, in fact, is a simple swing ride that accommodate up to 12 guests at a time. Kids who are at least 1.1 meters tall can get on this ride, with both mum and dad.

27. Amazon Boats

For those who’d like to take things slow after perhaps a lot of walking (or running) after the kids, then you can seat the little ones in this relaxing battery-powered boat ride. And once you’re recharged and have caught your breath, you can then go on “bumper boat” mode, just to shake things up – literally. The area can accommodate up to 20 guests at a time, particularly those who are at least 1.25 meters tall.

28. Mexican Balloons

Who says kids can’t go a little bit extreme with their rides? If you agree, then this seemingly tame ride is perfect for you and the young ones to try. Don’t get fooled by the cute balloon designs of the ride, though. You’ll see that as your balloon “floats” up, the rest of the cars also will move around. And if that’s not exciting enough, you can even maneuver the inner wheel in your car to spin your balloon to your heart’s desire. The ride can seat up to 30 guests at a time, and is designed for children at least 1.3 meters in height.

29. Caribbean Ship

Ready to experience what it feels like to sail the Caribbean seas? Then hop on board the Caribbean Ship ride and get ready to become weightless as you swing in a rapid motion that’s sure to leave you hanging on to your breath as you try to sit still on your seat. This ride can seat up to 24 guests at a time, and is made for persons who are at least 1.4 meters in height.

Ready to Snag Some Cool Prizes and Souvenirs? Test Your Skills in These Games and Experience Zones

If you’re feeling competitive and would like to play some games just to pass the time or just for the experience of trying it at the Carnaval, then you should know that there are more than 50 skills games available all over the park grounds. Do your best in these games to get a chance to win some cool and awesome prizes!  But if you’re still looking for other ways to have fun, then consider checking out the “experience zones” at the Carnaval.

30. Circus Circus

Theme parks aren’t quite the same without the live performances that you get to watch in these. At the Circus Circus tent, you will get to witness amazing live performances, from funny clown antics to nail-biting high-wire stunts, all performed by professionals – of course. Get seated amid the crowd of up to 500 guests per show, and watch your jaw drop or laugh your heart out at the amazing acts in store for you at the Circus Circus tent!

31. Haunted House

If you’re looking for something that’s more interactive, and if you haven’t had enough of walking (or running) yet, then you should head over the Haunted House for a chilling and surprisingly fun experience for the whole group. Guests who are at least 10 years old can enter the Haunted House (with mum and dad, of course!) But again, you have been warned that this attraction is not for the faint of heart! So enter at your own risk!

32. Rent-a-Ride Option

Did you know that guests who plan to host a party or an event at their place can actually rent a ride for their guests to enjoy? How convenient is that, right? Just send them a message through any of the following contact details so you can arrange for a ride to be set up at your own venue. Enjoy!


Visiting the Global Village is a must-try experience for all tourists and residents of Dubai. If you’ve never been to this location, we recommend that you visit on a weekday if with a group, but anytime of the year whenever they’re open should be fine, too. Just make sure to wear comfortable clothing and plan your day ahead. Otherwise, you might not have enough time to check out everything the park has to offer!

There are so many things to do and places to see. And just like its name suggests, you will get to have a ‘global’ experience by seeing many different nationalities and doing things that are typically common in the part of the world a certain pavilion is representing.

There’s also plenty types of food you can try. That’s definitely something worth checking out in each pavilion! If anything, you can also show support for the pavilion which represents your homeland! But overall, this is definitely one of the biggest tourist attractions you need to visit when in Dubai.

On top of this, you will also get to experience some of the most extreme and thrilling rides offered in the region at The Carnaval for affordable prices. Whether you’re one of those who enjoy extreme fun or just taking out the kids to enjoy some family time, there will always be something that will suit your idea of a fun ride when you visit this Funfair Park in the Global Village.

To know more about The Carnaval, including its complete list of rides, you can check out their website: https://carnaval.ae/ or call +971 4 362 4114. With its season cut short this year due to the ongoing pandemic, be sure to keep posted for news and updates on their website to know when they’ll be opening once again and catch some of their latest promotions!

Have you been on any of the rides mentioned on this list? Once the park re-opens, which ride are you most likely to try first? What made you decide to check out this ride? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments in the section below!

Contact Information

The Carnaval at Global Village
Address: Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road – Exit 37 – E311 – Dubai
Website: https://carnaval.ae/
Telephone Number: +971 4 362 4114

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