Asia Asia Lounge in Dubai Marina at Night

After finishing the Spice Route brunch at Asia Asia restaurant, we spent some more time relaxing and admiring the view of the Dubai Marina. It was turning dark and we didn’t want to leave the place since this was our first time to dine with a great view of this water district in Dubai. I brought my Fujifilm XE-1 camera with me and also a tripod, I decided to take more photos of the place that night.

asia asia restaurant dubai_thumb
dining with the Dubai Marina view

dubai asia asia
great interior

Asia Asia Lounge and Bar at Pier 7

I was happy that we stayed at Asia Asia restaurant longer when it turned night time because of I got to see a great view of Dubai Marina at night. We had the Spice Route brunch and we were so full afterwards that we needed time to relax.

asia asia lounge dubai_thumb
Asia Asia bar

asia asia bar dubai
inside the AsiaAsia lounge

asia asia pier 7 lounge
high chairs and lounge areas

Photos of Dubai Marina at Night

I brought my tripod and I was able to take some more pictures of the place. I’m still honing my skills in photography and I’m glad that I was able to practice it in this restaurant with a great view. When you’re dining in a restaurant like this, the view is one of the things that makes it stand out.

asia asia lounge dubai
great place to hang out with the view of Dubai Marina

pier 7 balcony asia asia

Staring at luxury yachts and buildings is something you can expect in Dubai Marina. You can’t help but admire the surroundings and comparing it with the desert city that Dubai once was.

dubai marina view asia asia
boats and lights

dubai marina night shot from pier 7
the marina at night


Asia Asia Restaurant – 6th Floor of Pier 7 Building
Pier 7 is beside the Dubai Marina Mall

Contact Information
Telephone Number: 04 276 5900