Hayal Dubai: Creative Modern Turkish Cuisine

Hayal – Flavours of Istanbul, Dubai’s newest fine-dining hotspot is set to open its doors this month in The St. Regis Downtown Dubai. If you’re looking for an incredible night out, complete with fantastic food and entertainment, this new venue may just be perfect for you. Masterfully prepared Turkish dishes are served up in style, making it a truly five-star experience from start to finish.

Hayal, which means “daydream” in Turkish, is expected to bring artfulness, vibrance, and brilliance to the heart of Dubai. Guests will feel as if they have landed in Istanbul when they see the lively open kitchen concept with modern yet traditional indoor and outdoor seating. The atmosphere is warm and social, with dynamic entertainment and service.

Located on the Mezzanine level of The St. Regis Downtown Dubai, this is a restaurant that features Turkish food cooked in a creative and modern way. We were excited to sample the dishes that remind us of our trip to Turkey.

Hayal Dubai Restaurant Entrance

Hayal Restaurant at St. Regis Downtown Dubai

View of Dubai Canal from Hayal Dubai

view of the Dubai Canal from Hayal – reminds us of Bosporus Strait in Turkey!

hayal dubai restaurant decor design

fun and colorful decor

Flavours of Istanbul at Hayal Dubai Restaurant in St. Regis Downtown Dubai

Istanbul city is known for its eclectic and vibrant vibe, which is reflected in the design of this remarkable restaurant. It combines old Turkish elements with modern features and surprises to create a cool experience.

Hayal’s unique and ancient furnishings are guaranteed to amaze guests as they explore the beautiful interior spaces. Upon entering the restaurant, we were immediately drawn to Turkish art that pops off the walls and showcases various cultural aspects.

The intricate details of the Turkish-designed chairs, lamps, and colourful mosaic tiles create an overall ambiance of sophistication and elegance.

Hayal Restaurant in Dubai

Hayal interior

hayal dubai inside restaurant

colorful interior

hayal restaurant design dubai

vibrant Turkish decor

Starters: Salads, Hot & Cold Dishes

We started our dining experience with a bakery basket which included a delicious assortment of Turkish pastries and bread plus condiment dipping sauces.

We also had some hot and cold dishes such as stuffed grape leaves, saksuka, baked eggplant, prawn tempura, and beef manti, beetroot salad. Among these many items, the ones that stood out were the beef manti, baked eggplant, and fresh beetroot salad.

hayal dubai bakery bread basket

Bakery Basket – AED 35

Saksuka – AED 75
poached egg, crispy eggplant, olive oil, green pepper, tomato
Baked Eggplant – AED 60
garlic butter, gruyere cheese, tahini yogurt, almonds, muhammara

hayal dubai beetroot salad

Beetroot Salad – AED 65
blood orange dressing, pistachio, figs

Hayal Dubai Stuffed Grape Leaves

Stuffed Grape Leaves – AED 65
rice, lemon, raspberries

Hayal Dubai Beef Manti

Beef Manti – AED 125
demi-glazed, smoked yogurt sauce, herbs oil

hayal dubai prawn tempura

Tiger Prawn Tempura – AED 85
grape leaves, garlic-yogurt dip

Main Dishes

For the main dishes, we had a wonderful serving of grilled octopus, lamb chops, and Beyti kebab. The Beyti Kebab is a type of Turkish kebab where a tender and flavorful meat stuffing is encased with flatbread and this was a highlight for us as well as the deliciously grilled Octopus:

hayal dubai grilled octopus

Grilled Octopus – AED 175
tomato, parsley-garlic sauce, purple potato, beetroot

hayal dubai lamb chops

Lamb Chops – AED 175
spicy black urfa chili marinade, yogurt

Beyti Kebab Hayal Dubai

Beyti Kebab – AED 95
lamb minced, garlic yogurt, pita, tomato sauce


Hayal features a variety of drinks as they have a full open bar. We were able to sample some of their signature cocktail drinks. Those who don’t drink can opt for the signature mocktails.

drinks at hayal dubai

Hadise (cocktail) – AED 75
Strawberry infused vodka, watermelon juice, strawberry puree, sweet and sour mix grenadine, orange juice
Sakla Beni – AED 70
London dry gin, fresh pomegranate juice, active carbon powder, rose water, blackberry
Pehlivan (mocktail)- AED 35
fresh passion fruit, white peach puree, mint, lime, soda
Istanbul’s Martini (cocktail) – AED 90
vanilla-infused vodka, patron XO cafe cold brewed Turksih coffee, salted caramel


hayal dubai dessert pistachio ice cream and baklava

baklava, pistachio ice cream

For the desserts, we had a serving of their pistachio ice cream and baklava. We paired it with some Turkish tea.

Bathroom Check

Just also wanted to share this eccentric find. Aside from the interesting decorations scattered inside the restaurant, the bathroom is also something worth noting. There are some cute, quirky, and photo-worthy elements added that you may want to check it out too.

Hayal Dubai decor

blue elements

Hayal Dubai Restaurant decor

bathroom of Hayal Restaurant

The place is colorful and pretty with a great selection of Turkish food items. We were glad that we were able to get a sneak peek of the wonderful dishes that Hayal has to offer.

True enough, unlike other Turkish restaurants in Dubai, Hayal focuses on bringing a modern twist to Turkish food. It provides an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind dining experience with a focus on creativity, style, and artistry.

Video: Hayal Dubai Experience

Check out this quick video overview of what to expect from this restaurant based on our dinner experience:

42 Photos of Hayal Dubai

Here are some of the pictures we’ve taken during our dining experience at Hayal Dubai:


It was a fun night of good food, good company, and a lovely atmosphere. Hayal Turkish Restaurant is a place where you can come to enjoy amazing Turkish food while marveling at the creative food presentation and the cool design elements that make it stand out from other restaurants.

Check it out if you’re looking for a new and exciting dining experience in Dubai.

hayal dubai st regis downtown dubai

Hayal Dubai

Hayal Dubai Restaurant

inside the restaurant

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 6pm to 2am
Saturday: Breakfast 8am to 11.00am / Brunch 12.30pm to 4pm / 6pm to 2am
Sunday: All day breakfast 8am to 4pm / 6pm to 2am

Contact Information

Hayal Dubai
Address: Mezzanine Floor, St. Regis Downtown – Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 45 125 533
Email: reservations@hayaldubai.com
Website: https://hayaldubai.com

Facebook: @hayaldubai
Instagram: @hayaldubai

Google Map Location

Please see the map location of St. Regis Downtown Dubai. Hayal is located on the Mezzanine floor in a separate outside entrance. Valet parking is available.

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