Vibrissae Cat Cafe Dubai: Cats, Cuddles, and Coffee

Are you a cat lover looking for a unique and Instagrammable cafe experience in Dubai? Look no further than the Vibrissae Cat Cafe! Located in Al Safa, this cafe allows you to enjoy coffee or tea while being surrounded by cats. You can stay for an hour and enjoy the atmosphere. It is an aesthetic, hygienic, and safe experience to interact with furry friends.

If you’re a cat lover, then you’ll love the Vibrissae Cat Cafe in Dubai. This adorable cafe is home to more than a dozen cats who love to cuddle and play. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy some coffee or tea while surrounded by some of these furry creatures.

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What to Expect at Vibrissae Cat Cafe, an Instagrammable Cat Cafe in Dubai

When you enter the cafe, you will be greeted by the friendly staff. They will provide you with a menu of drinks and explain the rules of the cafe. The kitties are free to roam around and you are welcome to interact with them as long as you are gentle. There is also a wide variety of food available for purchase if you get hungry.

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The cats at Vibrissae Cat Cafe are well-cared for and healthy. The staff cleans the cafe multiple times a day to maintain a high standard of hygiene. The cats are also all up-to-date on their vaccinations. If you have any allergies, don’t worry – there is a separate room where you can still enjoy the cafe experience without being around the cats.

The Vibrissae Cat Cafe is the perfect place for cat lovers to relax and enjoy some time with these furry creatures. If you’re looking for a unique and Instagrammable cafe experience in Dubai, be sure to check out this adorable cafe

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Video: Vibrissae Cat Cafe in Al Safa Park, Dubai

Check out this video to get a sneak peek of the Vibrissae Cat Cafe experience in Dubai:

18 Photos of Vibrissae Cat Cafe

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Drink a cup of coffee for AED 59 with 1-hour playtime.

Opening Hours

The cafe is open every day, below are the timings:

  • Monday to Wednesday – 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM
  • Thursday to Sunday – 10:00 AM until 12:00 AM

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How to Get to Vibrissae Cat Cafe

The Vibrissae Cat Cafe is located in Al Safa, Dubai. The best way to get there is by taxi or Uber. It is also within walking distance of the Jumeirah Beach Park if you’re looking for something to do before or after your visit.


If you’re looking for a unique cafe experience in Dubai, be sure to check out Vibrissae Cat Cafe! You’ll be able to drink your favorite beverage while surrounded by furry friends. Just remember to be gentle and follow the rules so everyone can have a good time.

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Contact Information

Vibrissae Cat Cafe

Address: Al Safa: Al Safa Park Complex, Al Safa 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Mirdif: Mirdif 35 Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone Numbers: Al Safa Park Complex: +971 4 456 9609, Mirdif 35 Mall: +971 4 457 8804


Google Map Location

Please check out the map guide to the location of their branch in Al Safa Park Complex:

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