Extraordinary Modern Indian Culinary Experience at Tresind Dubai

We visited Tresind Dubai on a weekday to check out its revamped design and sample their chef’s tasting menu. This restaurant is located at the 2nd level of voco Hotel (formerly Nassima Royal Hotel) on Sheikh Zayed Road and offers a modern twist to Indian cuisine. They offer a unique dining affair complete with presentation and theatrics as part of the experience.

We dined in one of the Tresind restaurants before (Carnival by Tresind) and were amazed by the chef’s table experience that we were really looking forward to visit this top Indian restaurant in Dubai.

Alcohol: YES

tresind dubai entrance

entrance to Tresind

indian tresind dubai

inside the restaurant

tresind dubai modern indian restaurant

blue walls

Tresind Restaurant Review: Modern Indian Food at voco Hotel

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were a few minutes early. The staff wasted no time in taking us to the bar area so we could have some drinks. Bar manager and mixologist, Sherine John, offered us some drinks so we could start the evening right.

I also took  the opportunity to take some photos of the place before it got crowded. The restaurant just reopened with a new design. Royal blue colors adorn the walls with frames that indicated names of various cocktails they serve. The colorful chairs presents a nice accent to the white tables. The latter needed to be simple as the it highlights the food presentation; and based on the restaurants we’ve been to in the past, the team behind Tresind restaurants tops the list in terms of presentation

tresind dubai interior

Tresind Dubai review

tresind dubai restaurant

dining set-up

Corporate Chef, Himanshu Saini, has meticulously curated the culinary experience at Trèsind. We were definitely in for a treat for the lovely food and the presentation that comes with it.

We started the dining experience with the staff providing a jar emitting aromatic smoke. I initially thought there was food inside, but they basically said this was to help set the mood for dinner. I remember in the other restaurant (Carnival by Tresind), they spray your table with bubbles.

I was also surprised that they gave us a pre-appetizer after they said that we’d have a minimum of 4 starters. As if the 4 appetizers were not enough to start the meals.

aromatic smoke tresind

aromatic smoke – setting the mood

appetizers tresind dubai

pre-appetizer: Okra, Onion and mango focaccia, Curd Rice with cucumber, Pani puri

Appetizers / Starters

Their menu is composed of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Among the starters, I really enjoyed the Butter Pepper Garlic Prawn, the Keema Dosa, and most especially the Tandoori chicken.

Every dish is prepared/cooked on your table, they will explain the ingredients and give some insights to each item. It adds to the restaurant’s appeal as Tresind is not only about offering good food, but also the theatrics and presentation that comes with it.

butter and garlic shrimps tresind

Butter Pepper Garlic Prawn

tresind indian food

dhokla gazpacho, fafda taco, khichiya muesli, khandvi gelato ‘gujarati farsan’

tandoori chicken tresind dubai

Cedar Wood Smoked Tandoori Chicken, chili marinade

tresind restaurant dubai

(veg) Avocado galouti kebab, sour cream, tomato salsa, tortilla paratha

(veg) dahi kebab with muhammara chutney

Wagyu Satay

Wagyu Satay, peanut Salan, burnt chili, eggplant pickle

tofu paturi

(veg) tofu paturi, mustard glaze, indian chili chips

keema dosa tresind dubai

Keema Dosa

Palate Cleanser

After finishing our appetizers, they gave us a palate cleanser nestled in a ‘lemon tree’ complete with smoke effects. This was to help prepare the taste buds to welcome and assess new flavors during the next course.

tresind dubai palate cleanser

palate cleanser

Main Course

For our main course, we had 3 non-vegetarian dish and 1 vegetarian one. The Bengali Kosha Mangsho was good. The Chettinad chicken curry for me was something new to try, though I feel one of the herbs (I couldn’t tell) was a bit strong for me. However, we enjoyed the green pea puffed bread and the thai black rice appam.

While the two non-veg dishes were good, the highlights of the main course were first: the vegetarian dish (morel lababdar) wherein the mushrooms was so good when paired with the rich gravy sauce. Second was the khadai lobster dish which was quite fresh and juicy. I wished we had more servings of these. 🙂

main course food tresind dubai

Bengali Kosha Mangsho, Green Pea Kochuri, punched onions
Chettinad Chicken curry, thai black rice appam

vegetarian dish tresind dubai

morel lababdar, truffle oil tadka, lotus crisp
— this was so good!

Kadhai Lobster, Stir-fried Snow Peas, asparagus and peppers
— another dish worth the mention


Lastly for desserts, we picked three servings from their pastry trolley. Nice concept of bringing a trolley for you to decide among the pastries available. We had a Rice Crispy Tart with hazelnut rabdi, Pizza tomato halba and truffle pizza, Yogurt mille fry. While the tart and the mille fry were alright, the halba was a bit of a mixed bag for me as it felt to me more of an appetizer as I’m not used to the tomato as a dessert.

But the culmination of the desserts that evening was the Inspiration Ghewar. Composed of a caramelized base, filled with milk dumplings and lychee, topped with raspberry sorbet and sprinkled with crushed rose petals (dipped in liquid nitrogen), this dessert is a spectacle to watch when prepared.

pastry trolley tresind dubai

Pizza tomato halba and truffle pizza, Rice crispy tart with hazelnut rabdi, Yogurt mille fry

inspiration ghewar dessert

Inspirational Ghewar

Bar Drinks

Tresind has a lot of cocktails, mocktails, wines, beer and spirits to offer. Their signature cocktails also come with their own ‘shows’ and we trusted Sherine John to provide us the best.

Even the ice cube, has its own Tresind logo, which is a small yet fine detail that adds class to the bar experience.

tresind indian food experience

block of ice with Tresind’s logo

tresind bar drinks

Farmer’s Special – strawberry, kiwi, grape juice, lemon
Petit VII – sailor jerry spiced, bitter truth rum liqeur, mandarin, almond paste, walnut, chocolate, red currant, blackberry, basil, and mint
Petit I – guava infused tequila, benedictine, honey syrup, dill, dried plum, green strawberry bitter

Thirsty Bird – hendricks, benedictine, apricot liquer, jomemade spice syrup, dehydrated raspberry, angostura bitter

tresind dubai bar drinks

Petit V – rose petal infused tanqueray, dehydrated rose, pineapple, peychaud bitter
Rhubarb Spitzer
– rhubarb and apple juice, lychee, ginger, seltzer

Touch of Phoenix drink

Touch of Phoenix – Woodford reserve, homemade smoked dates syrup angostura bitter

sailor jerry drink dubai

Sailor’s Tattoo – Sailor Jerry spiced, homemade clove and cinammon syrup, chocolate bitter

Our overall dinner in Tresind was nothing short of spectacular. The team have carefully crafted their menu and experience to make for a great foodie adventure in the emirate.

This was our second visit to a Tresind restaurant. Service is still as excellent and they still put on a good show. Bring your families and friends here if you want somebody to have a unique culinary experience. Call to book beforehand to reserve a table as it was the place was packed when we dined even on a weekday.

bar tresind

bar area

tresind bar

inside the bar

Blending the finest Indian ingredients with progressive culinary techniques, Tresind takes you to a gastronomic journey par extraordinaire. With tantalising flavours and fascinating plating techniques, prepare yourself for a multi-sensory culinary experience that will not only engage your taste buds, but also mesmerise you with its breath-taking presentation.
– Tresind Dubai

tresind dubai logo

Tresind Logo

tresind restaurant nassima royal hotel

dark blue walls, colorful chairs

Video: Tresind Dubai Restaurant

Here’s a video clip of our experience at Tresind.

Note: We were invited to dine at Tresind Dubai. All opinions are my own.

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Contact Information

Address: Nassima Royal Hotel, Level 2, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center Area – Dubai
Phone: 04 308 0440
Website: http://www.tresind.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tresinddubai/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tresind/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tresinddubai

Google Map Location

Below is a Google map guide to get to Tresind restaurant. Valet parking is located at the backside of the Nassima Royal Hotel tower.

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