Video: Spirit of Dubai (HD)

spirit of dubai video

Here’s a video by the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) team that showcases the beauty of the emirate. In line with goal of having 20 million visitors by 2020, this is one of the video ads that VisitDubai has created.

I felt it before I heard it
The heartbeat of a place I knew I belonged
Where history is lived as much as it’s made
A place where the mind awakens as the body unwinds
I am the flutter in your chest
The chill down your spine
I am the spirit of possible
The Spirit of Dubai
– text transcribed from the video

Spirit of Dubai Video Ad by Visit Dubai

The video clip welcomes every visitor to see what Dubai has to offer. From the desert dunes to its iconic skylines. This is a place that many expats call home and when you come to Dubai, you will notice its people are proud to be part of a fast and progressive environment.

Check out the full video clip below:

The team from the Dubai Tourism are really bent and aggressive in promoting the city to the globe. So far, based on articles I’ve read online, it’s well on its target to achieving the said tourists. Exciting times this 2020 will be and it’s only a few years left until this momentous event will be held.