When you’re visiting Sochi in Russia, it’s good practice to at least try to get a “feel” of what the country has to offer and what better way to start than by trying their local delicacies. After all, one of the most important aspects of traveling the world is getting to experience other people’s culture, traditions, and basically their food.

In case you’re wondering what types of food you should try when you go to Sochi, here are some cool dishes you may want to sample.

must try dishes Sochi Russia

5 Best Dishes You Should Taste When You Visit Sochi

Through food, we get to understand some aspects of people’s lives. Each ingredient holds a certain value to the locals, and in each bite, we get to feel their sense of pride and identity as a community, as well.

In this post, we will share five of the best dishes you ought to try in Sochi, the pearl of the black sea.

  1. Borscht

First up is the most traditional in all of the Russian dishes on the list. This purple-red soup traces its roots in Ukraine, but it has since found its way at the center of Russian tables, mostly because of the warm feeling it gives after each bite of the flavourful mix of mushrooms, onions, beef, and sautéed vegetables like cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. Borscht is served either hot or cold, usually with a dollop of sour cream on top.

Tip: If the restaurant informs you that the soup was made a day earlier – go for it, as it only means that the broth has settled better, thus giving it a richer taste. Also, there’s a vegetarian version of the popular soup, which is just as flavourful because of the herbs and spices minus the meat ingredient.


2. Kichin

For those looking for a savory starter, this soft and enclosed pie, which is similar to the Mexican quesadilla, is one of your go-to dishes. Don’t get fooled by the dish’s simple presentation because it is most-loved for its flavorful layers made of vegetables such as potatoes, cabbage, beet leaves, and cheese that are not only delicious but filling, as well.


3. Khinkali

This dish can be easily likened to the Georgian dumpling. The khinkali originates in the mountainous regions of Mtiuleti, Pshavi, and Khevsureti, and is slightly larger than the average dumpling. The humble dish is made of stuffed tender meat, various herbs, spices, and other fresh ingredients which makes it a sumptuous affair in Russian tables.

Khinkali with meat
Khinkali with meat

4. Lyulya Kebab, Shashlyk, and Grilled Vegetables

This 3-in-1 meal extravaganza will give you nothing short of a satisfied tummy. The Lyulya Kebab has positioned itself as one of the most prominent dishes in Russian cuisine and has already enticed foreign palates because of its specially marinated meat cubes that are cooked on metal skewers over an open fire pit for a tender and smoky experience.

Meanwhile, the Shashlyk, though it closely resembles kebab, is a different type of dish on its own mainly because it goes through a Russian transformation which encompasses marination of the lamb in a mixture of oils and vegetables, thereby keeping the epic juiciness of the meat. And finally, an assortment of fresh and appealing grilled vegetables is arranged on the side to complete the dish.

Lyulya Kebab, Shashlyk, and Grilled Vegetables
Lyulya Kebab, Shashlyk, and Grilled Vegetables

5. Okroshka

This appealing dish made of hard-boiled eggs, cucumbers, radishes, scallions, and potatoes, highlights the creamy yet tangy combination of horseradish and mustard for a cold refreshing broth best served on a hot summer day.

Okroshka with kefir
Okroshka with kefir

And there you have it! Those are our five must-try dishes when visiting Sochi in Russia! For sure, there are plenty others that you can explore as well. Do let us know what you think about Russian cuisine by leaving a comment in the box below. Enjoy!

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