WOW Sochi Formula One Russian Grand Prix

Whether you’re the adventure-seeking type or a casual traveler, one thing worth checking out when you’re planning a trip to Sochi in Russia is Wow Sochi at the Sochi Autodrom, home of the Russian Grand Prix.

For those who may not be familiar with the event, Formula One Race or Grand Prix is an international sporting event which is held for three days, usually over the weekend, with a series of practice or qualifying sessions prior to the main event on Sunday, in various parts of the world.

But what makes Wow Sochi different is that it is the only circuit of its kind, with a permanent city street circuit built around the towering structures at Sochi Olympic City.

Sochi Formula One

WOW Sochi: A One-of-a-Kind Formula One Experience in Russia

The Sochi Autodrom, formerly known as the Sochi International Street Circuit and the Sochi Olympic Park Circuit, is a 5.85-km race track composed of 19 turns intended to put drivers and cars to the ultimate test of speed, power, and endurance – especially the 3rd turn, which is a 180-degree long left-hander into a 90-degree right-hand corner, where drivers experience extreme levels of G-force (gravitational force equivalent) at very high speeds.

The three grandstands enclosing the track offer the best view of the circuit’s most prominent overtaking spots. A seat at the Vitaly Petrov stand offers spectators an amazing view of how much braking power the machines have (and the skill this requires from the drivers) to sustain their racing forms, as they course through one of the sharpest turns on the circuit coming from a long straight at speeds of 300 km/hr and then breaking into a tight corner.



The highly decorated Russian circuit has been dominated by Mercedes-Benz since its inception, but what makes the Russian Grand Prix more exciting is the fact that year in and year out, the expectation whether this streak will be extended or finally broken grows all the more.

Owing to the fact that the Russian Grand Prix is the fourth-longest race on the 2019 F1 calendar, premium is placed on comfort and convenience. For this, the Gold lounge is where you want to be seated to experience utmost comfort and service, with only the best views in sight as well as priority access to the pit-lane walk.

The Silver Lounge, on the other hand, offers guests special privileges such as access to F1 drivers’ autograph session on top of many perks such as exclusive access to the closed-off area for the best viewing experience.

wow sochi formula one russia grand prix

Meanwhile, for those who would like to catch the action up-close and an experience that is heavily focused on the race, comfortable outdoor grandstand seats are available as well.

According to Rashid AL Noori, representative of Sochi in Dubai, “The Russian Grand Prix week is a very interesting time in Sochi because it is not limited to die-hard racing fans only. There are activities for the whole family to enjoy including the little ones.”

The whole atmosphere in the city is celebratory, as guests are sure to feel how big of an event this is, even in the shops, the streets, and right to the very hotel where you will be staying. Indeed, Formula One is a very special time at Sochi,” Al Noori concluded.

WOW Sochi has created two special packages tailored for those traveling from Dubai:

  • All-inclusive packages for 7 nights starting at USD 1,725
  • Race Weekend packages for 3 nights starting at USD 1,010

The Formula One week in Russia will run from September 23 to September 30, 2019.