PappaRoti Boutique Cafe Experience in Emirates Office Tower

We had the opportunity to visit the newly opened PappaRoti Boutique which is the first smart and polished version of PappaRoti cafe. Located at the mezzanine floor of Emirates Office Tower, PappaRoti Boutique focuses on providing a top notch service complemented with elegance, sophistication and luxury.

My wife is a fan of PappaRoti’s coffee-caramelized buns that’s why I did not hesitate in accepting this exclusive invitation to experience this new concept from a well-loved brand.

papparoti boutique emirates office towers

Pappa Roti at the entrance

papparoti boutique luxury cafe

harpist playing soothing music

harpist dubai

setting the mood inside the boutique

papparoti dubai boutique cafe

inside the shop (photo supplied)

Pappa Roti Boutique in Emirates Towers (Office Tower)

While Papparoti is best known for its signature buns, they also offer an array of snacks which include savory sandwiches and fresh salads if you’re looking for something different. They also have a hot and cold drinks like tea, coffee, frappes and milkshakes.

For this boutique cafe, they introduced a new variety of coffee drinks like Black Rose.

papparoti salads dubai

fresh salads

pappa roti sandwiches

savory sandwiches

papparoti signature drinks emirates towers

Black Rose, new coffee-themed drink

papparoti uae boutique

counter area

Gold and Luxury, PappaRoti Boutique

One of the things that stood out during our visit are gold accents that are ever-present in the shop. From its chairs to it the chandeliers, from the classy trays and cups, to the bottled drinks, even the stirrers for your coffee and tea and the fork and knife, they have these shiny gold touches that are added to exude a more sophisticated look and class.

The golden stirrers and horse-designed cup handles for me were the main highlights when we dined here.

papparoti boutique dubai

golden stirrers

gold horse stirrer papparoti

golden stirrer with a horse design as the handle

gold cup papparoti dubai

gold cup for my mochaccino

dubai papparoti boutique cafe

inside the shop

Ms. Rahsa Al Danhani, Owner and Founder of PappaRoti Café and PappaRoti Boutique, mentions that this is boutique was set up to cater to the demand of a more luxurious experience.

“PappaRoti is a versatile brand that is growing and evolving with the growth of the UAE, and responds to the growing demand for a more luxurious experience in the market. Located at a premium location at The Emirates Towers, PappaRoti Boutique caters to the refined taste of our local and international customers” – Ms. Rahsa Al Danhani, Owner and Founder of Papparoti Cafe and Papparoti Boutique

Al Fresco Experience

But let not these fancy gold tones overwhelm you as this boutique cafe still offers a relaxing and comfortable place for you to enjoy your dining experience. They have an alfresco seating area which offers a stunning view of the buildings in DIFC and this is where we spent most of our time during that day.

We saw plenty of professionals just lounging outside and taking a break from the busy offices in the Emirates Towers.

view from papparoti emirates towers

view while dining at PappaRoti boutique cafe

sheikh mohammed papparoti boutique

nice quote from HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

pappa roti emirates towers

bun with nutella 🙂

If you’re looking for an new and interesting Papparoti experience, head over to the mezzanine of Emirates Towers and drop by Papparoti Boutique.

Opening Hours: 8am to 10pm daily

Contact Information

PappaRoti Boutique Café
Address: Mezzanine Floor, Emirates Towers  (Offices Towers)

Google Map Location

Check out the Google map guide below to help you reach Emirates Office Towers. It’s a bit tricky as these are two towers. Just ask the valet, in case you get lost. We headed towards the Basement parking area of the building.

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