Electric Night Run – November 2015

Want to join a fun run at night in Dubai? Join the Electric Run which is set on November 6, 2015! The Electric Run is the world’s brightest night run as participants pass through exciting themes in the running course. The distance is 5K and you will be lighting up the streets of Dubai with neon colored shirts and live beats to accompany you in the activity.

With running events in New York, Singapore, Sydney,  London, etc., it is a no brainer to have a Dubai chapter run given the demand in the running scene in Dubai. Be advised that this event is not exclusive to runners as you can particpate and simply “walk” at your own pace if you wish to join either friends and family. Everyone is welcome to join in this family-friendly run. There will also be a concert event when you cross the finish line.

electric night run in dubai uae
photo source: S Pakhrin

What is the Electric Run?

The World’s brightest night run was set up in the United States in 2013 and since then, it has reached more than 30 cities in over 15 countries. This Dubai fun run has reached serious and casual runners of all ages and nationalities worldwide.

Schedule of the Electric Run in Dubai

DATE: 6thTH November 2015
REGISTER HERE: http://electricrun.ae/en/

There are seven themed courses in this running track, with a different set of music and light prepared by the crowd that is hosting the location. Be enthralled with jellyfish, dancing rainbows or huge-sized candies just to give you a sneak peak.

How to participate in the Dubai Electric Run?

Anybody can join this fun night run. You can register as an individual or as part of a team with family or friends. Find out all the much needed information and get updates from their website.

To register, just head to the site here – http://www.electricrun.ae

Take note that early next year 2016, this electric run chapter will move to the streets of Abu Dhabi.