Moonshine is a nightlife app that will soon become your best friend. Why browse through multiple platforms when this app can give you everything you need? Moonshine has become a crowd favorite for nightlife lovers and is already competing with the top apps in the market.

In a city known for its nightlife, it needed an exclusive nightlife platform. Moonshine is the first exclusive nightlife app in Dubai, giving all users access to the right information.

“Having been in Dubai for over 12 years now, there was never really a source that gave you a clear picture on the nightlife scene here. You always had to check 10 different websites to plan your night out. That’s why we started Moonshine.”, says Fabian Magnago, co-founder of Moonshine.

He continues, “You have so many bars, lounges & nightclubs that many people unfortunately don’t know about. We want users to explore different places and not just visit the same ones every week. So far, we have seen amazing traction and have already partnered up with over 100 venues.”.

What does it include?

Now a free drink sounds too good to be true, but it is! Moonshine has partnered up with popular venues like Iris, Beefbar, Hotel Cartagena, Weslodge Saloon & more, so you get to try some of their special cocktails. But it doesn’t stop there! Many of these venues are offering supporting deals such as discounts on your bills, meal offers, etc. Be it a night out with your mates or date night with your partner, this app is perfect for you. With their list of partnered venues growing every month, trust Moonshine to take you to some real hip places.

Other than offering these deals, Moonshine is also a nightlife guide. Gone are those days of hunting on websites and making phone calls. This app has all the information for you! Think of it as a ‘one-stop shop’ for that social butterfly in you. The app is a directory for happy hours, brunches, ladies’ nights, drink deals, etc. If any bar, lounge or club has special events for your favorite holidays like St. Patricks Day, Christmas or New Years Eve, it’ll be updated on the app. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

What’s in store?

A little birdie told us they’re coming out with a brand-new look, more features and more fun, just for you. You’ll be able to book a brunch, buy tickets to upcoming festivals and concerts, all through the app! With the growing nightlife scene in Dubai, Moonshine is here to stay.

Moonshine is available on iOS and on Android.